Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Would you like to meet Moira?

 Here she is! Moira. Isn't she sweet with her minty green enamel? I found her for a pretty good deal on EBAY. I gave her a good cleaning when I go her out of the box this afternoon (I need to lube her, but I can't find the lube I use on the machines). I think the person I bought her from thought she was broken, but really with featherweights they don't break. You just need to give them some love, take them apart, clean them, oil them and put them back together CORRECTLY. Doing it correctly is the key. Also making sure there aren't rogue threads in the bobbin is important.

 I had the needle in wrong (with the flat side to the wrong side) so it was skipping stitches and I was a tad sad, but them I read the instructions on line and fixed my problem and Bamm! It is all better! I am looking for a Singer seal to put in the proper place...that is all she is missing.

 As soon as the kids came home they had to take her for a spin. I love this expression on Ethan's face. His nose is all scrunched up and he has the peddle to the metal.

 He was very proud of his curvy lines. Now I have another sweet horse in my sewing machine stable for the lades to learn a bit on. Now that I have a white one I think I am finished for a bit. I don't have that many ladies in my classes anyway.

 Look at that pretty stitching! So I was so proud of myself I decided to turn the needle around in the Hand crank. And guess what???

 It works so perfect! Wow. I brought 2 machines back to life today. Not a bad Monday.

If you are looking for a good Featherweight, or you have a featherweight and are having some issues with it here are some fabulous resources for you.

www.221parts.com   and the featherweight blog

Hopefully tomorrow I will have my rag doll tutorial up. I just need to finish taking pictures of the faces and hair.

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