Monday, July 2, 2012

last posting from the Lone Star State

 Hey there! How are you doing? I hope you are good. We sure are. Both the truck and the van are all packed up and ready to roll out early tomorrow morning. We will stay the night in Oklahoma City and them zip into Leavenworth on the evening of the third. Our first stop will be a meeting with our wonderful real estate agent Eryls Moe. She is going to show us around the house we are buying. I can't wait for my little family to finally see it. And I sure hope it is like I remembered it was! Wouldn't it be a toot if it was not at all what I thought it was? I did look at almost 30 houses in 3 days afterall.

So, what do you do when you only have HOURS left in a town that you have lived in for 2 years? I finally put on the binding of this last Texas Flag quilt. For some reason I thought I had already finished this quilt, but nope...I hadn't. It is for a dear friend here at Goodfellow AFB. I love her like a sister so she gets a quilt. I just can't express how much I adore quilting these flag quilts. I already have plans for Welsh quilted Kansas flag quilts, and of course I will continue to make the Texas flags for whoever wants one enough to buy one from my shop (which is closed until I can unpack all my inventory).

 One of the most difficult decisions for me this move was decideing WHICH sewing machine to bring with me. Crazy, huh? I always bring at least one machine and normally it is one of the Berninas. But this time it was much more difficult to decide which machine to pack. Would I bring one of the featherweights, or one of the 301s? The Bernina 820 is much too big, so she was out of the running before the race even began. In the end I decided on Minty Moira. I love her. She sews through anything with any thread I choose. This is the first time I have ever bound with a featherweight, and it went just fine. I am doing it a bit backwards in this picture because I started binding it by hand 2 nights ago and apparently I bind weird when I do it by hand...or maybe I do it weird by machine? I don't know. At any rate the little machine hummed away like a beauty.

 So here I am binding a quilt I quilted not to long ago. I hope it brings Martha and her family some joy. Texas is a great place, full of fabulous people. We have loved living here and being able to meet the folks we have. I will miss you all and I hope you all live strong, true lives. Be the best person you can be and rest well at night under a quilt of stars. May you also get some is really hot and dry and I think you all need some rain, that way you can keep growing the wonderful cotton you farm here and it can be made into beautiful fabric for me to make quilts with.

See ya later Texas! Kansas here we come! The Curtis camp is on the move.



What Comes Next? said...

Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip and move, and the house is everything you remember!

Sonja said...

I'll be think of you, and hoping all goes smoothly! Especially with mr. Marijuana at the wheel! *cringe* it's a lovely quilt with fabulous quilting as always! Have a safe happy trip!

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