Saturday, February 21, 2009

BushFire Quilt Project Day 11

I can't believe it is already day 11 of the Bushfire Quilt Project. I already have a roll of lovely cotton batting in the studio and 58 beautifully made star quilt blocks on my sewing table. You have all put so much thought and effort into your blocks and I thank you so much!

We owe Kim the magnificent of Honeysuckle Cottage a big warm wonderful thank you for getting us an entire roll of cotton batting. It came in Thursday and it looks so very nice. She told me that there is a big box of backing fabric and thread on the way as well. I can't wait! Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio is getting us a bunch of safety pins so we can baste these quilts up as we stack them. My collection of good safety pins is dwindling and I always forget to order more when I am ordering fabric and thread. Thank goodness for Kathy! I sure didn't have enough to baste all the quilts I believe we are going to be making. Sally (Quiltsalad) said she is also sending a bunch of safely pins along with her wonderful quilt top.

On Thursday I met with my quilt club and we discussed the Bushfire Quilt Project. It was met with a great deal of enthusiasm and tomorrow I meet with the event organizer so we can pencil in the date for our big exciting quiltathon. My girlfriends here in town are looking foreword to participating and virtual strangers are coming up to me asking where and when to have their sewing machines so they can help out too. How amazing is that? It is nice to all come together for a cause that is good and has depth of meaning and care involved.

OK...let's look at some blocks. As usual there are so many lovely ones to look at! But here are a couple pictures...please look through the gallery on Flickr so you can see everyones lovely stars. There are some great stars coming out of Germany right now. Looks like Alda Kimafi is leading the charge in that glorious endeavor.

These stars are made by one of the men in the group. There are several, so I won't always refer to you all as ladies. John made these and I see some of my favorite fabrics in them. Great Work John!
Quiltcraft has finished not one, but 2 quilts for the project. Wow. I am amazed by the productivity here. Just beautiful work. This is also a good example of what the quilts will look like when we start to assemble the tops here.

Here are the 58 blocks I have received so far. They are from:
Kristin L. - Hawaii x2Lurline G. - Port Kennedy x2Julia C. - Port Kennedy x2Milly S. - East Fremantle x2Jacquie G. - KC, Kansas x2Kristin C. - Richboro, PA x2T. Crawford - La Habra, CA x2Ellena O. - Greenville, NC x 4Helen W. - Riddells Creek (VIC) x 2Lorraine M. - Isle of Capri (QLD) x 2 Caroline - Dulwick Hill x 2J. Boath - Adelaide (SA) x4*Elanor F. - Orange East (NSW) x 2*Kate F - Darwin (NT) x 2* L. Choun - Saratoga, CA x2* Ramona B. - LIttle Rock, AR x 3*Margaret G. - Gorham, ME x 8* Leona B. - Spokane, WA x 2*Sarah G. - Gainesville, FL x2 *Mary N. - Pasadena, MD x 2*Marilyn B. - Kansas City, MO x 2*Michelle E B - Rahway, NJ x 3*Judith M. - Aliso Viejo, CA x 2

And here is the batting. Thank you again everyone for helping out in this effort. I had no idea it would get this much involvement, but I sure thank you for it. We are looking foreword to stitching up all the quilt tops and get on with the quilting!
Have a great weekend all!


Leslie said...

this is really exciting!! i sent some blocks that should be there soon

Georgia said...

Wow! Look at that quilt - absolutely stunning!

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