Monday, February 9, 2009

Customer Service

Hi y'all,

Listen, at NO TIME am I holding your stuff hostage. You are welcome to have your uniforms and money back at any time. If you feel I am taking too long, please let me know and I will have your stuff in the mail the next business day. I am sure you are aware that handmade takes time. Most of you are in no rush and you understand that it is just me sewing these bags. I am not a factory. I can't crank them out at light speed. With that said I have had many of your things for over 6 months. I do apologize. I wish I could sew faster, but I get caught up in details of each individual bag and that takes time. At this point I am pretty sure that most of the uniforms I have are cut up, so you will not be getting an intact uniform back when I send it...but I will return it. I promise. I am working as fast as I can that I promise you also.

Also if you are in a super hurry, let me know that as well. Communication is key. I really have no clue what is going on in your world, so I really will do my best to make you happy, but I can't always.

Have a super doper day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tia! I'm in no hurry at all...I know you have your hands full with Miss Emma's homeschooling adventures. =) I think your bags are definitely worth the wait! I've been carrying around my current Stu everyday for over a year, and washed it about a dozen's still just as lovely as when I first got it.

Jennifer Bowen said...

Hi, Tia! This is Jenn from Bailey Street. I lived about three doors down from you. Nice to find you on blog world. I love your bags. Maybe I'll order a couple from you when you're not so busy. ;)

Your kids are so grown up now. Time sure flies. I hope you are all doing well in beautiful Australia.

Anonymous said...


You are amazing, your mission to get these bags made and available for folks is a HUUUGE undertaking. In the time you have churned out bags and quilts and bags and bags, I'm still working on the same two quilts.

Our families have to come first, but you have put your military family a close second and you are doing an amazing job.

You are an inspiration!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much ladies! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support. I have removed myself from the google search, so hopefully only referals from ladies I have sewn for in the past will come my way.


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