Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Lovely Stu Totes

Hey folks!

Here are 2 of my Stu totes that I finished last week. I, of course, totally love them.

The first is an ACU Stu on it's way to Fort Knox.

I did a couple things a bit different with this one. I added the lower arm pen pocket to the inside of the side of the bag. She wanted the bag to be smaller than normal, so I trimmed down the pattern. Probably my favorite part is the strip of floral on the bottom of the inside. It really ties all the colors and tones together. This particular client is a biology or botany teacher, so I think that flower scrap book fabric was so wonderful for her. I hope she thinks so too. It has tiny notes about different wild flowers.

Here is the button closure and some of the strap detail. I put my quote up higher on the strap. Well, not my quote, but the quote I put on the Stu bags is ladies want to have it added. "I had cast my lot with a soldier and where he was was home to me." Martha Summerhayes (Vanishing Arizona) which I have on order at the library here.

The back. This bag was quilted with a silver cotton so it is a tad difficult to see. I added some of her husbands patches to the back.

She is quite more tall than I, so I trotted over to my lovely tall neighbor and had her model where the bag hits.

So, my other bag is for my super dooper pregnant next door neighbor. She is English. He is a Marine. They are the most delightful couple and I am so happy they are our neighbors. She is going to name her baby Rose, so when she came over to look through my fabric we thought it would be neat to have a big nod to English florals. Ellie loves Cath Kidston, but I don't have any of her fabric, so I pulled some things that kinda felt similar to me. I totally love how this bag turned out and I am delighted I have visitation to it.
Here is the bag inside out. Yes, my bags are reversible (unless they are a backpack or have a zipper).

The inside. So pretty, huh? I also really like the sides of this bag. Oh heck I like everything about this bag. I am bias of course.

The back. I used a lovely rose variegated cotton thread to quilt this bag and it really shows up nicely on the Marine camouflage.

I have never made a Marine Stu before. I wouldn't mind making a couple more, I think.
Have a great Labor day weekend. I will be scouring my house for my mom and dad's pending arrival this afternoon. And then I need to pack for my quilt retreat! Gwen Marston, I can't wait to meet you!!!!
As to the bags I am working on, Slaymaker is almost ready, and so is Oatman/Dumont Hero bag order. Harpster is cut and matched up with some those are the orders I will be working on when I get back. Jennifer, I got your box on Thursday. The mail man put it in the wrong box. Nice of him, huh?


silversmith said...

i think we were on the same train of thought! if only i had waited oh...about 5 minutes.... to send my email to you, i would have seen you answered my question in your blog!!

thanks and have a REALLY fun time at the retreat! i'm jealous!

the Campfollower said...

I sure do have your stuff! How funny, huh? It had been sitting acouple days in the wrong box. I wonder if that is where a couple of my other boxes are??? He has done it several times.

Stephanie Hughes said...

Tia, I just love your bags. It is gorgeous. I like to line mine creatively as well and this is wonderful and very creative. Steph

AllieKatMom said...

These are both awesome!!! I love them

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