Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilt along #4 - Flower Pot

Good Morning folks!
So, here we have step 1 of a flower pot. This really is quite simple, but the next step (the vines) is a tad more tricky. I am sure you all can do it though. I just wanted to ease us all into this.

 This is what our big center block will look like before we add the blossoms and leaves....we aren't making a Medusa head, I promise.

 So, start out with your pot shape and some background. I free cut my pot, but you can be more precise if you like. My pot is roughly a 5.5 x 8 inch rectangle with the sides cut off at an angle to make a rhombus. Also cut a long rectangle from your background fabric. I selected white, because I have a ton of it and I like it. The background piece is 5.5 x 12 inches.
 Now to make a perfect fit for your pot.

1) lay your pot shape right on top of your background rectangle. (there will be background fabric under the pot) roughly in the middle. Take your rotary cutter and a straight edge and slice the background to the left angle of the pot.

2) remove the fabric from behind the pot and you will see it has the matching angle....just flip it over and it should match the right angle of the pot. Now, it may not if you cut your pot really wonky. If that is the case just overlap the fabrics a tad and trim the angles up.

 See they match just fine. Now you need the top of your pot. I used some of the strip scraps left over from making the log cabin blocks and more of the white background.

 Make your top over hang your pot bottom a bit .

 Sew the top to the bottom and you are almost finished with this step.

Last step to this pot is a big piece of your background. I cut a 13.5 x 17 inch piece...I do with I would have made it a bit taller...but oh well I can always add more ;o)

Now STOP here!
I shall give you a moment to catch up and then we shall make bias vines for the second step.

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions!

Have fun!

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Selvage Quilter said...

Haha! When I first saw the thumbnail photo on my Google reader, I thought the name for this block was: Spaghetti Pot!

Did I read that you are discouraged about the prospects for your book about making bags? No! Your bags are awesome! Please contact another publisher. How about Lark Books? They are really dynamic. Keep at it.

I love the story about the Marine who brought you his old uniforms. I don't know anything about military living, so that story was really interesting.

Your blog is great.

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