Friday, May 30, 2014

SSG Rolfing Hero Bags

Hey there! It has been ages since I blogged on my bag blog. I finished this set of Hero bags and felt they needed to be shared on this space. 

I made this set of Hero Bags for the Mother and sister of SSG Robb Rolfing. He was killed in Iraq on 30 June 2007.

I made a Stu tote, with quite a few customizations from the blouse of Robb's ACU uniform to create this design.  I tried my best to fit in all that Robb's mom wanted to have included. I lined the bag with one of his shirts.

She also wanted some gold paisley fabric to be used.

Robb's Special Forces unit patch is on the back of the bag.

This bag has a tiny gold star on one of the straps with his name on the other strap.

I quilted in another gold star on the closure.

The inside of the bag has 5 pockets and the outside of the bag has 2.

I sourced some special magnetic closures for this set of bags that I think work really well.

The bag I made for Robb's Sister is an oversized Cather bag. I used one of the legs from Robb's ACU pants to create this design. This bag also has a heart magnetic closure.

The lower leg pocket is on the back of the bag. 

His Name is quilted into the strap of the bag.

The sides are improv pieced with scraps from his uniform, leftover bits of his green button down shirt and some Parson Grey fabric.

The inside of this bag has 4 pockets and is lined with one of Robb's shirts.


So, I haven't made any of my Camp Follower Bags / Hero bags for quite some time. I forgot how much of an honor it is to sew with the actual uniforms of men who have answered the call of their nation and sacrificed their lives for our freedom and so that our way of life can continue without oppression. This order took me forever to make. I am ashamed to admit. I was going through my own mourning after my husband retired from the Army. I know it is NOTHING like what Robb's family is going through, but to me it was pretty big. I have been in the Army all my life and I was so sad to not be part of it anymore. After coming to terms with retirement and realizing what a dork I was being I was able to return to my bag making. I still love doing it. Margie, I pray these bags give you some comfort. I still have 2 more duffle type bags to make. I need to design the pattern first of course since I have never made a duffle bag.


The Army of Four said...

Those are just gorgeous and I'm sure they will be treasured. I love the lining in each - extra special.
Welcome to Army retirement life. It's a different world "out here". I felt lost for the first year; I went from Army brat to Army wife then ... lost. lol.

the Campfollower said...

I totally know what you mean! We are still in Leavenworth so we are so close to the army still...but seperate. I am coming to terms with it.

Lisa said...

Thank you for mentioning the mourning - goodness, I thought I was the only one. Army life was wonderful and I am still getting used to the changes, like waiting for orders that aren't coming, but trying to embrace the new. Maybe you have a future blogging about about this new life?

the Campfollower said...

Lisa! You are so right. I feel like I have been kicked out of the family. Or that I am looking over the fence wishing for what was. I loved the army life. It has been all I have ever known.

Jackson said...
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Shirley said...

There are no words to describe how awesome your bags are! I love seeing your creativity at work whether it is your bags or your quilts. What talent!

Bags for sale Philippines said...

This is amazing. You made a thing that can be brought wherever they are, and thinks that man is still on their side. This bag is a treasure that will keep till the end.

obat penghilang tato said...
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YOLO said...

The bag are really great, a unique thinking to create this type of bags.Its stylish too.

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