Monday, June 18, 2007

Good Morning, we are here for Breakfast!

So....last night we stayed up late watching the Last Cursade (Indiana Jones) and I was enjoying a great sleep in this morning. I heard pounding on the front windows. Well, for those of you who know where I live know there is quite and Aboriginie problem. So Immediately that is what I though was happening. They were trying to get in and look for alcohol (all I have is half a bottle of blush....not really worth it, I already drank the good stuff!). So I grab the baseball bat beside my bed and stalk off to the front of the house where the pounding was continuing at regular intervals along with terrible screaming....As I peek around the corner into the dining room I see it is only the Galas.....they have found my bird food, eaten it all and are demanding more by waking me up and dive bombing the front windows.
It was so funny I went out to give them more....they didn't even fly off, just clucked around my feet like chickens. I will have to go out and get more food later. While the pinks and grays of the galas is lovely, I think I prefer the nobility and dignity of the Green Ring Necks that normally eat at our house. Much More gracious and far less demanding! But I will take birds over spiders ANY DAY! That is a story for later...
I am mailing Deb's and Terri's bags today! I hope you love them. They look great!

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