Thursday, June 21, 2007

Little Miss Muffett

This is the spider at the Airport....for those of you who had trouble visualizing this monster, here he is. Those bolts are about 2" in Diameter.
Granted, he did look bigger in my memory, but that is still a really big spider. Can you imagine him crawling over your shoulder? Yuck.
I turned in my Sewing machines to be cleaned and oiled, and the big one needs some love. The old standby is doing great, but needs to be oiled and cleaned.
If it matters to anyone who is about to invest in a new Bernina...I do not think the BSR is worth it's $1000 price tag. I have read and read about how wonderful it is and all it does is beep at me for going too fast or too slow.....crabby Swiss machine. But I do love Beatrice when she is happy.
And I will never for a second regret the price of the first Bernina I bought. Worth every penny. I love Bernina! I miss them...I would be sewing, but instead I am blogging. I made a big chocolate cake too...maybe tomorrow I will clean the house. If I am not sewing every spare minute of the day I may actually be able to fold and put the laundry away....I will keep all posted.
I did mail out Nikki's bags today. They are lovely. I wanted to keep her mother-in-law's for myself. I just am a sucker for the DCU... I like to pair it up with pinks and blues.

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