Friday, June 22, 2007

New Bag Design

This is a new design I was playing with before I become Machineless.

Leanne wanted me to make her a little bag with the reds from Amy Butler's Forrest collection...I have not used Amy's heavier weight fabric yet, so I want to do a test run before I cut and batted that wonderful stuff. SO I did a simple deep bag design. I am happy I gave it a test run, because it sews up much different than the regular quilting weight I normally use.

The little bumble bees around the bag are from LFN textiles. I just love her ribbon, each one is like a tiny tapestry. The straps are Herringbone tape doubled up and quilted with the flight path of a bumble bee. I am going to name this the Busy Bag. I have been testing it out around the house...if you want to test it out too, let me know. I think I may sell it on my Hyena Cart store as soon as Karen works the kinks out! I think I am also going to list a big is one I was commissioned to do 18 months ago, but the lady was not able to come up with the last payment. While it is a great quilt it is really big. I like smaller quilts so I can layer them up on the bed and kick them off as I get hot. Anyway that is just something I will have to do soon....

I am also going to list and sell a quilt made my mother and quilted by me. This quilt has about 60 years of sewing and quilting experience in it is going to be great. I am very excited to do it, but again I need my machines!

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