Friday, June 22, 2007

latest bags

These are the latest bags I have made. I was very happy with how they turned out. I hope Nikki and Jennifer are too!
Since I do not have sewing machines for the next two weeks I am going to concentrate on updating my sites and cutting the uniforms that are waiting so patiently in the closet. I will publish an order of march for the bags I will be making as soon as I get my machines back all happy and ready to sew again.
1) J. Boyd
2) T. Cahill
3) S. Acquistapace
I am mostly finished with your bags, I just need to do a bit more to them. I was not able to get them finished before the repairman come to town....sorry. Yours will be the first to be completed as soon as I get my machines back
These are the ladies whose uniforms I am cutting and getting ready to work on. This will be the order of March as soon as I have completed the above bags.
1) J. Davis
2) A. Stine
3) T. Walsh (quilt)
4) R. Sargent
5) M. Weinburgh
6) K. York
7) E. Melton
8) M. Ocampo
9) J. Roupp
10) M. Green
11) K. Fuller
That is the list for now, if you do not see your name on it yet, I do not have your uniform yet. See the list is not too long, maybe I can get your bags ready before my estimated 6 to 8 weeks....I will keep my fingers crossed!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for your business! I love sewing for are keeping me sane in the middle of Alice!

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