Monday, June 25, 2007

West Hill by Heather Ross

I received my "West Hill" by Heather Ross today! feels so nice. I like it...I don't LOVE it...the colors are a little Avocado and Mustard...but that means I will use it sooner. In the past I have horded Heather Ross's fabric like a fiend...but this is very usable! I think I am going to use that cream and do something like Denyse Schmidt's '"Drunk to Love", or "Bunch of Squares"...My mind will change a zillion times between now and then...I have no sewing machine now so I really could take this time to cut, but I am just not a pattern or template lady. I want to sew as I cut...I don't know there are so many possibilities with this fabric.
I think Heather and I shared the same childhood on some sort of parallel reality... I was soooooo horse crazy as a kid. My first boyfriend in fact was a tremendous grey Dutch Warm blood in Honduras. I was so, not into the young men in my high school (my dad was a "contractor" with the embassy after he retired from the army and we got to go spend 3 years in Tegucigalpa). I loved my horse back lessons, and seeing that giant horse gallop across the pasture to nibble my ears is one of my fondest memories of Honduras.
My mother was a tour guide when we lived in Germany (as really little kiddos) and she brought us back stack dolls from Prague. She also smuggled out a crystal chandelier in her boots and luggage!
I can't even remember how many frogs and spiders I had as pets (secret pets, I am sure mom wouldn't really want to help me raise tarantulas. A little too Hagrid for my family) so I LOVE the frog pond and tadpole prints she has with this new collection...Maybe I will go ahead and cut fabric tomorrow, then I will be forced to sew it up.
After I do some bags, of course! I have cut alot of uniforms today and I have more to work on tomorrow!

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