Saturday, June 30, 2007

Emma and I went to the Beanie Festival today. My dear husband stayed home with the boys and perfected his chili recipe for the Chili cook off tonight.

Emma has about $1000 worth of hots in her arms. She clearly has her grandmother's blood coursing through her veins. Emma, like me, can walk into a store and select the most expensive thing without even trying.

We had a great time trying on hats and admiring the artistry of the ladies in Australia. The Beanie Festival used to be a way for the Aborigine weavers to make money for their community. Now I think allot of the Beanies are made by a group of Aussie ladies here in town. But, with that said, the money raised during this 3 day festival supports several Aborigine communities for the rest of the year.

There were some really beautiful hats...I think at one point I had almost as many as Emma in my arms. I have one on right now...really great, Wool with Emu feathers sprouting out the top. We had a blast, I wish you could have been there with us!

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