Monday, September 10, 2007

Art Mum

HI Y'all,
This is going to be a quickie since I have to get ready for my day, but I just wanted to share what Emma and I did this weekend. We went to the Desert Mum. It is a once a year thing here in Alice Springs where you can purchase Aboriginal art at really nice prices. Normally when you buy Aboriginal art you have to go through an Art Pimp and he jacks the price up so high and the poor artist gets very little of the money. Well, Emma and I cut out the middle man and went to the Mum. Dear heaven it was crowded. The teeming masses were all elbows trying to get the best deal. Well I can hold my own dammit! I was trained by the best. Emma and I had selected out 3 little paintings made by school girls in a tiny camp about 8 hours from Alice. And I just wanted to look one more place because I really wanted a big one for over the bed. I went into the back room and they must have been having a lag because I was actually able to flip through the art without being knocked out of the way. I found some nice big paintings and a really nice one with lovely colors and pattern, so I took it off the rack and was holding it while I looked through some more.
A lady in big glasses tried to take it away from me.
"Hello, I am holding this one. Thanks." She asked me if I knew what I had.
"No, but I like the colors and movement. Thanks." That is a Molly Yates!
"Oh, so it is. Do you think she is here too?"
OK, the look the big glasses lady gave me was like I just asked if DaVinci was wondering around. But there were several of the Aboriginal Artists there giving demonstrations. Well she turned away clearly disgusted with my ignorance...but she didn't just turn away. She went to tattle tell! She went to the vendor and told her to get it away from me so she could buy it! Aha the nerve. I said I was planning on purchasing this piece and I was still looking for other art. I flipped through some more while the big glasses lady rung her hands behind me. She was acting like I was my 2 year old holding the Mona Lisa in one hand and a big melting chocolate ice cream in the other. Two other ladies tried to grab it out of my hand, then asked me if I was planning on purchasing it. That was when I decided to go ahead and pay for my Molly Yates and leave. I handed over my $100 rolled up my painting and marched out with my little girl. I was very pleased with my find. Now we just need to get it mounted so we can hang it up. I just love it. But I think I love it more because of the trouble I went through. If your heart is aching for some aboriginal art let me know, the Desert Mum is going on for another week or two so I can go select something for you....I won't mark it as much as the art pimps:O) Oh and you can now leave comments....I think I fixed the settings. Cheers!


Tif said...

me! i would love to have some! am i too late? lol

and i can't believe that's emma! is she grown up or what?

(**just thinking of you today - sept 11**)

the Campfollower said...

Hey Tif, How are you doing? The art mum is still going. I can get your a painting with zillions of dots crazy fast. Yep Emma is so tall. She seems so grown up. Great kid. Your family is so lovely too. I stocked my hyena store today, but dorked up the timeing so my 2 bags were only available for 1 second. I fixed the problem...what a pain. You take care, talk to you soon!

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