Monday, September 3, 2007

Memory of CPT Moshier Quilt

This is the most meaningful quilt I have ever made. It turned out much more contemporary than I intended, but sometimes that is how it happens...K. first contacted me about making her daughter a bag. No problem, I do that all the time. But her daughter is so small. My daughter has about 5 bags that I have made for her or with her depending on how bossy she is feeling, and she carries them from time to time, but every night she gets tucked in with about 4 quilts. She loves the quilts. I was a blankie kid when I was little. My mom mended my blankie about 20 times before his sudden and mysterious disappearance. I loved that blanket. It comforted me when I was lonely, I could hide under it when I was scared, I cleaned up spilled juice with it, It kept me warm when I was cold...A blanket is a great thing to love. In no way shape or form does this quilt even come close to the memory of this man, but maybe the fabric from his uniform can give her comfort. Maybe it can be his arms when she needs her daddy to hold her.

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