Sunday, September 16, 2007

Party Bags

These are the bags I made for my daughter's birthday party. I went to the store (KMART....basically the only store in town, much to my mother's amusement) looking for loot bags and a birthday present since the one I ordered from Amazon still is not here. I paid $52 for a Barbie doll....gulp, I did. I don't even want to really know what it is worth in the real world but in this odd fantasy I am living it cost more than any other Barbie doll I have ever purchased. So I was kinda pissed as I was wondering around the isles of KMART, I got to the Party section and they had 2 themes available for birthday parties. BRATZ dolls and SHRIEK. I don't like being funneled...and I stood there staring at the two selections and then at the cost for little bags (8 for $15) and I got more angry. I decided to just make them myself. I have a ton of BDU arms in my studio, so I cut up 10, made little linings and put my zillion dollar sewing machine to work and embroidered all the little girls names on the bags, and bam, 10 party bags. And they are better than the stupid Bratz and Shreik ones. I have had it with how expensive everything in town is. They are not humping things in on the backs of camels dammit. The party was great and I hope the one I am having tonight will be as nice. I better go vaccuum again...and make sure the boys bathroom is tidy. Best advice I never took was to have the boys bathroom be as far away from the guests as possible. In our next house I will.

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