Monday, October 15, 2007

I think I need to close for new orders...

Well, ladies....I think I need to close for new orders. Now, with that said there are 2 caveats to that statement.

1) If we have already discussed you placing an order and you are just getting your things together, that is fine. Heaven knows I am ALWAYS trying to get things together.

2) If you really do not mind waiting for your bag, I will be more than happy to take your order. I think my wait is up to 12 weeks right now. I hate that you are having to wait that long, but it is only me sewing. As well as going to the market for groceries, and running to the schools for the kiddos (you know the mom Drill). I will also still take orders from ladies who have lost their husbands or children in the Iraq and Afghanistan (Hero Bags).

Please feel free to email me to see what the wait is and when I will be opening again. I may take some more with the opening of my new website, I know I will have some bags available in my Hyena Cart Store with the new site. It will be the same address, just a different look, and I will be able to update it myself without pestering my web designer.

That is it for now....I am trying to whittle down the list! Thank you all so much for your business and patience!

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