Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Wallets!

Here is one of my New Wallets. This guy is the "Jennifer Foldy Wallet". He has 2 Credit Card pockets inside and a bigger pocket for Cash. A loop of Bungee cord and spare Army button secures the little wallet closed. I also have a "Zippy Wallet". You can see more details of both on my Flicker Bag Gallery. So this is a busy sewing weekend for me and I will be doing a big mailing of bags on Monday. The mail didn't run on Friday, so I will be mailing

M. Nalli

J. Reuter

U. Seeholtzer

I am still working away on J. casto and T. Padgett. Those will be ready this week to go to their mammas.

My next batch will be

J. Hunt (Nicole)
C. Vu (Stu, pad, hero quilt)
D. Monte (Stu, Pad, and Molly)
M. Beninato (Stu)
T. Rowell (Zippy Becky)
A. Grant (Amber)

I am working on a group of Hero bags for C. Richardson. Wow, is that a heartbreaking order. His uniform is so big...He was such a big strong man. When I say big, I mean tall. When I hold his pants up the waist comes above my shoulder. I am making 2 backpacks for his children and a bag for his widow, and I have cried through the entire process. I am using some of the fabric Westminster Fibers donated to my cause to make her a "Hero Quilt" as well. He died as a result of coming into contact with a chemical weapon in Baghdad. Hopefully her order will be all ready to ship on Wednesday. I really want it to be as close to perfect as I can get it. I do with all your orders, but the "Hero Bags" are especially dear to me.

I also have most of my fabric uploaded onto my Flicker Fabric Gallery. That was a ton of work. Not all of them are named and alot of them are named incorrectly. I know the Amy Butler's and Heather Bailey's are correct, but I have made up names for alot of them. If you are a fabric junkie like me, please bare with me and my Slow Internet....I just wanted to get it finished! I will make amends as I notice them. I still have more fabric, but I am going to hold off on that until the new site is up. If you can't find something you like let me know and I will look around for you.

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