Monday, October 8, 2007

A Note on my list.

OK, I have updated my list. It is upside down though. The ladies on the bottom are the ones who are first on the list...I couldn't figure out how to number it, but I think numbers are pretty waiting at the pharmacy in the bottom of the hospital....yuck. So, if you do not see your name on the list and you have A: Paid via Pay pal or B: sent your uniform and included a Check. PLEASE let me know! I am really trying to streamline this business of mine. Since I am still waiting to have my website updated this is where I will be putting out info.

This is how my list works. If you pay by pay pal you are on the list automatically. If you are paying by check I put you on the list when I get your uniform and check. I know it is tacky about the whole money thing, but that is how I know you are serious and not just teasing me.

The picture above is where I put your uniform as I work on it. That is like the "up to bat" area. I untie the curtain when we have company over and it doesn't look quite so messy. I have a closet in my Studio where I hang your uniforms with their assigned fabric until I am ready to work on them. Normally all my sewing is spread all over the dining room table and my little sewing studio. I like to work in the dining room because I can keep a better eye on the kids as they are playing or doing their own art projects. I also spend alot of time in the kitchen...that is where my little office is all set up. I also spend a great deal of my time cooking. I love to bake so there is normally something yummy in the oven or on the counter.

OK...I think that about sums things up for now. Please email me with questions about your bags. I am trying to make this as smooth as possible for everyone involved. I hate that it is taking up to 10 weeks to get a bag...but it is only me sewing. I also have to be the mom and wife. I adore all the roles in my life, but some take precedence over others. When the kids are sick...that takes main stage and the bags have to hop back into the wings. To me that is obvious, but I need to spell it out. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your business. I love all the support and praise you give me. When I get an email from you letting me know you have received your bag and what you think of it, it just makes my spirit soar.

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