Friday, October 5, 2007

Good Morning!

This is where I live. The heart of Australia. I do not know if I have dedicated a blog to how glorious this place is. This is a pirture I took on my "take a camel to brekky" sunrise ride two weeks ago. I love this place in the morning. Not neccessarliy this tree, but my kitchen or my little sewing studio.I love how the sun sets the McDonald Mountain range on fire each morning, I love the birds, and there are zillions of them all singing away. I love the smell of the euclyptus and citrus blossoms. I love the peace and pace of this town. I am even beginning to love my vegemite on butterd toast with coffee. Yep, I am having some now. The mornings are so easy. I normally get up about 0500 when my husband gets up, answer emails, make coffee and do my sun salutations (not neccessarily in that order). Then I start to work on a bag or two before the rest of my tribe rises. The tribe is spotted right now due to an outbreak of chicken pox. They were all immnized, so maybe it will not be as bad as all the nieghbor kids. I just wanted to share a bit of the wonder and glory of this incredible place. It is beginning to get hot again, so the sunblock and a hat is a must. I have to place a commissary order so we can have pumpkin pie next month. It is a great place, do come visit! wait until the chicken pox goes away....but after that!
(spell check is not working for this post, now you get to read the real illiterate me!)

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