Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reptile Center

My middle son went to the Reptile center Tuesday. They really put on a show for the preschoolers. The creature slithering across the laps of 4 year olds is an 8 month old Olive Python, aptly named "Olive". A few seconds after this picture was taken she evacuated her snake bladder and bowels and there was snake "poo" all over. Preschoolers must have some sixth sense because miraculously none of them got "pooed" on. They also got to watch bearded dragons devour cockroaches and a scaleyback lizard sprint (These guys don't actually move much at all, they like to eat fruits and berries. Their defense mechanism is to "poo" in the mouth of predators. This must be all the fiber in their diet). The Reptile center Also has a big Salt water crocodile named Terry. We got to see his thrash around a bit. Very clean teeth. Very Big clean teeth. Rex (aka the "Snake Man") gave us all a lesson in how to react to snakes, since there are zillions out here. We are supposed to stay very still and shout for someone to call him and he will come a collect it. Which he does regularly. When we moved in back in January we had a magnet on the fridge with important numbers. His was number 2 right after 911.
I had a great day of sewing yesterday and the mail went out, so M. Nalli should have her bags in about a week. U. Seeholzer, I am kinda excited about the zipper in your bag. You may not know this about me, but up until now I have hated zippers. I am taking the bull by the horns and really getting familiar with these devices and I think I am overcoming my hatred of them. I need to order some off the Net, they are just too damn expensive here. Anyway I just wanted to say good morning to you all and share a bit of reptile lore with you. Oh, if "Olive" were in the wild she would eat wallabies. Some wallabies get to be the size of a healthy 4 year old....maybe her "pooing" episode was just attempting to make room for dinner. Her Mother was massive...she didn't get to come out and frolic with the children. Thank Goodness.

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