Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Weird Experience

My husband and I attract strange people. We always have and it is so fun to talk about our crazy experiences right before we go to sleep...well today's experience was too strange to save for only him so I am bringing it to you all as well. 4 year old and I went to the market this morning to finish up some Christmas shopping. We found the above Aborigine paintings from some artists out of Santa Teresa. My sisters and mom will get to fight over them. But the funny thing happened as I was looking at a ladies art stall. She had some really lovely necklaces, hand hammered silver leaves and lovely beading. and while I was looking at her stuff an Aborigine lady came up to me and thrust her necklace over my head. Yep...kinda an invasion of personal space, but I was in so much shock that I let it go and looked down at what was now hanging around my neck. it was a long strand of indigenous beans and seeds and these strange dried husks of something. She was going on about how it was really native art and she had just created it that morning and that I should smell it. I did and almost vomited all over the lady. It smelled like roasted human feces. I took it off my head as quickly as I could and she wouldn't take it back. Said I could buy it for $40. Nothing like paying for S***. I politely told her I didn't think it would make it through customs. Hummmmm I wonder who on my list I could have given that to?

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