Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is Tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite holidays! My family has so much to be thankful for this year, the Lord has really blessed us and we are so grateful. This will be the first Thanksgiving in about 3 years that we will be celebrating let the cooking begin! Well, the cooking has turned into quite an adventure. I did not get on the ball soon enough (hard to get in the mood to slave over the hot stove when you house is being sieged by several extra kiddos ((see below)) and it is about 110 outside) so my order to the commissary in Japan didn't get placed. That is fine I decided...I will just do it old school. So above are some of my ingredients that I selected at the market this morning. No canned pumpkin for our pies, and the sweet potato casserole will be fresh as will the marshmallow on top. I have made marshmallow before and just loved it, I am confident this will be the best sweet potatoes of my life (I am boosting my own confidence! Ha ha ha ) and who wouldn't want to eat something with an ingredient named "Edible Gelatine"?? Not to be confused with "Un-Edible Gelatine". Ummmmm

I was totally rocking out the bags and even a quilt until disaster struck. Not my family, my friend's (oh by the way Sam is doing GREAT! He has not stopped eating since he woke up from surgery. As soon as he woke up he consumed 2 ham sandwiches and has been pigging out ever since. His energy, now that he is able to sleep at night and have a good healthy diet, is insane. He is a madman! I am thrilled! Thank you so much for your prayers a wonderful wishes. I love that little savage and I am so grateful to you all for your kind thoughts.) Her Grandma passed away and she felt led to go home and be with her family. It must have been destiny because that day an AMC flight was leaving (C17 I think). I acquired her 2 kiddos and have enjoyed their extra chaos (my 6 year old and her 6 year old pretty much detest one another) so that has been fun....I will take extra boys any day, but the emotional turmoil that comes along with extra girls is really something to behold. But anyway I have been mediating and counseling little girls oh, and putting in crazy time in the 23 year old Land Cruiser we ramble around in. Extra kids = Extra driving. And did I mention it is getting HOT here? Yep it is.

About ENJO...I have to see if I can somehow get a catalog for you is fabulous and many of you have been emailing me about it. I washed my walls in the hallway yesterday. No way on Earth was I getting out my sewing, so I had to be able to drop what I was doing and break up fights and make chocolate milk. I really don't look at the bottom half of my walls because I am focused on where ever I am heading...but I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I knew they were dirty (I have little 3 kids and their mates dashing around with tasty treats and sticky hands). Well I just decided to give it a shot before returning to the toilet to clean that (gag) well, my walls look they just got painted. Lovely. No more smudges or hand prints, even the crayon came off. Now, I am sure it will not remain this way long. To my kids it is like a blank canvas. But I am enjoying it for now!

My Big juicy Turkey arrives at the Butcher at 3 this afternoon. I had to order that guy about a month ago, he would have been in the picture too, but that would just have been gross. But for as much as he costs he should have his portrait too. I really have no clue how a 24 lb bird is going to fit in my tiny Australian back up is to have my husband just grill it. We love just about anything grilled, so I am sure the Turkey will be wonderful that way too.

Cheers Chicas!

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