Monday, November 26, 2007

I have stocked my store

Hello dear ladies, I have finally stocked my store. I have been meaning to for ages, but I finally got around to it after trying to cope with my newest bizarre experience at the Alice Springs Hospital. If you really want to hear about it I will be happy to share, but I am afraid it will terrify any young mother who may be getting ready to move to this fine region. My Emma gets to have surgery tomorrow morning, and I am kinda nauseous about the whole thing. After all we were the only ones in the waiting room wearing shoes. We also smelled the best. But that is my bias opinion. OK, now onto other things...Ladies, I think I am going to start having to wear a Santa hat. Your Men love you! I am so thrilled to be a part of the secrets, but I figure you will not know if I am talking about you or not, so the picture above is of your massive quilt (in progress of course, and your husband is NOT on the list. Duh! that would be a dead give away). I hope you love it, you husband is one sweet thing! He has been emailing me from Baghdad, and this is sorta what we came up with. Let's see...what else did I want to chatter about for this posting?? I am reading '"Outlander" again to get ready for out trip to Scotland in the summer. If you have not read it and like romantic fiction...this is the book for you. Diana Gabaldon has captured my inner monologues to a "T" and while I am married to the best man ever (once again my opinion entirely!) he does come a little short of Jamie's 6'5" (Oh and by the way...YES!!!!! Diana is writing a 7th book to her Outlander series, Get ready Lonnie, Becky and Molly we have TONS to talk about !). What a hunk of man. That was not really what I wanted to tell you about. Humm...there are some great new fabric lines coming out in January. So if you are going to be one of the ladies up higher on my list (the ones I will have to get to after Christmas) I will be more than happy to send you some links to fabric I will be ordering. Oh and I have a great new idea for "I Spy Quilts" I will be making one for my sister when she has her sweet baby boy, so I will post some pictures. Too cute, but it is stuck in my mind instead of out on fabric! It will be a variation of my owl changing pad...but with little quirky prints instead of the owls. I know what I wanted to tell you about! Marnie is working on my new site! I am soooo excited about it. Please feel free to tell me things you would like to see on the new site...things that would make ordering bags easier. I will seriously consider your opinions, and reward you richly (just ask C. Vu). I am using several of her ideas. I love you all and will talk with you after surgery in the morning. Wish my little Emma well!

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