Thursday, November 29, 2007

I have a few gift certificates listed in my store

Wow, it is almost Christmas. I can't believe it. It is 106 F today. Pretty hot, but just heat, no humdity. Above is what I have been trying to finish and I am almost there. I switched out sewing machines the Really fancy one was getting tired. I think when I go back to the States I will need to find an industrial one. I just use them relentlessly. They are both "fine horses" but I am using a thourghbred for something a nice draft horse could do. Anyway I am rambeling. I have been asked on several accasions for gift certificates, well I have listened! Yipee, I figured out how to list them in my little store, so if you want to get one for a friend or mother-in-law, go for it. This is just a short post, I really want to finish "Norbert".

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The Army of Four said...

We just found your blog through the Bernina blog. What a GREAT idea, making bags and such from uniforms! Very special; we bet everyone loves them!
We'll check back in soon - we do the blogging around here, though Mom is the quilter. (She also ghost-writes a blog for our local Bernina shop.)
Hooah and tail wags,
The Army of Four

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