Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Morning

Hi Gals,

I am finishing up C. Vu today and making good progress on Kurilla and her "friend" (;o), Monte, Cox, Witkop, Profitt, and Shoults. Not necessarily in that order. Soon, my friends, you will have your lovely bags. I really appreciate your patience. I will be doing things differently next year so the wait will not be so long (taking less orders mainly). I also need to make holiday goodies for my husbands people and our friends here. Once again...I wish I had a couple clones of myself. Oh and if you have hair, check these little goodies out. Mine were sent out today, so next week sometime I can review them.

My Christmas goody bags will contain;

Molasses Cookies (gotta go to the feed store for the molasses, since that is something only horses consume here)

Snicker doodles (I have everything I need on hand for these)


Pecan Pralines (gotta wait till 1400 to start these since I do not have any bourbon in the house. I guess the Australian government thinks they can keep alcoholics at bay by not selling "spirits" until that time)

Oh and if I am feeling really enthusiastic a little fabric bird...we will see. Oh and for all those Owl lovers out there, I have put a new tutorial over there-} it is not mine, but I can't wait to make them! I thank Moonstitches for that one. Very clever. Oh and my daughter is going stir crazy, so I think we will go to the pool for an hour or 2.

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