Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Apron Pattern

Hey Y'all,

I put an Apron pattern over there in the tutorial section. Pretty simple...yes it is in Japanese, but I don't read a lick of it and did just fine. Remember that the measurements are in Centimeters and you will be good to go. I submitted this apron to Amy Karol's Tie one On thingy. There are teeny tiny polka dots on the pockets and straps so it qualifies. I had a great day sewing today, made progress on your bags and did more entertaining than I normally do. And I did it all in my swimming pool sarong....very strange, but I live in a strange place so I guess that makes everything normal. I am off to bed!

1 comment:

The Army of Four said...

Cute apron pattern! Thanks for posting it - or should I say "domo arigato"? LOL!
Merry Christmas!
Karen & the Ao4

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