Monday, December 3, 2007

Greenwood and Japanese fabric Where can you BE?? Oh there you are.

My wonderful husband got up early Sunday morning and announced that he was going to do something for me.

me: "Why thank you Darling. What will that be?"
him: "Your little studio needs a little something"
me: "ok, what do you think it needs?"
him: "I am going to make you some shelves"
me: "Oh good. I really would love to have shelves for my fabric"
Well, he took off for the local DIY hardware shop (imagine Home Depot, but a 1000 times smaller) and he came back with these wonderful shelves. I just love them. and had a wonderful time folding my "vault" fabric up in tidy little stacks. This is the fabric that I have been seriously collecting ever since I learned how to sew a bit. I love it. It used to be very quiet, in a closet in our bedroom, but now I can multi-task while I work on bags. I can let the fabric talk to me and tell me what it wants to become. I am hearing alot of nonsense about "little girl clothing" but I don't do clothes, only bags and quilts...well at least for now. the fabric is pretty rowdy, so I am guessing that Emma will be getting some dresses sooner rather than later.
OK....I had another funny experience today at the APO of all places. For those of you unfamiliar with an APO, it is basically where we government employees go collect our mail when we are away from the mother land. A small post office. It is the highlight of my day to go to the APO. I get to see how materialistically needy I was 2 weeks before hand. No instant gratification for me. Some weeks are very lonely times, others are down right embarrassing. "There she goes again...fabric pig!" I just know that is what everyone is saying.
Well, back in October I ordered some lovely Japanese prints from (I love them for their selection and they are so nice with their I was so excited to try out their new Leather bag straps. they clip onto bags so you can have a bunch of bags that just change out with one set of straps. I have this wonderful idea bouncing around in my brain. Anyway...the fabric never came. I was so sad. I had been emailing with a bunch of you ladies who were placing orders and some of your boxes had not come either. I sent out a Mayday and M. Greenwood replied. She sent her husband's flight suit the same time as Super buzzy sent my fabric. Got me to thinking....I bet they have been caught by customs. Well sir, weeks went by. I have never had that problem. I pestered Superbuzzy (and they were endlessly patient)
I had just about given up and M. G. was trying to collect the patches and uniform to resend when out of the blue there they were! I was picking up Santa's goodies when I noticed 2 beat up little boxes over in the corner. It was the 2 boxes! They had been off somewhere wild together, and they were slumping a bit, but were still in fairly good shape. "Mis-sent" was stamped bigger than Pete on the top of the boxes and some funny zip code. Well, Heather didn't know off hand what that zip meant so I went home and googled it. My fabric and M.G.'s flight suite took a little round the world to ANTARCTICA! I guess they had to wait there for a bit until the next mail plane came...but never fear they are safe in my new studio and will soon be featured on my Flicker gallery. I am going to make M. G. a special bag since the fabric and flight suit decided to elope. Now they can spend eternity stitched together. I am just so happy they both made it to me.
So, basically if your box misses the mail stop in Alice Springs, it gets to go spend a month or two in Antarctica! I don't like being cold, so this is as close as I want to be to Antarctica. Those poor people stationed in there. I thought we were in the middle of nowhere! Cheers, cold people! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for rerouting my boxes!

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Tif said...

What a great man you have...I love those shelves.

You must be in organization heaven!

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