Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wonderful Mail Day!

What a wonderful mail day it was today. One was a Christmas box from my Parents, the other was from my sisters and the last one was from myself for myself. Mom and Dads box got held up at customs...and the Marshmallow creams were confiscated. The Aussie government did kindly give me the option to purchase them back (after they are observed for the allotted time to deem them safe) for a mere $42. Yeah, the customs guys can keep the marshmallow creams, I am thrilled for the peanut M&Ms and Hazelnut Cream Coffee (we have already made 2 pots and if I close my eyes, I can pretend we are at the table with you, Mom and Dad, and the fire is snapping away and the kids are singing their crazy new Aussie Christmas carols for you. Maybe in my fantasy it will be raining...)

The second box is from my two sisters. Both live in Charlotte, NC. Malia is an interior designer and has the most lush taste in textiles. Laura works for UBS. Anyway, both went to the Schmacher mill and selected some lovely new prints for me! You can see it here. It is all just so sophisticated and fun, even the monkeys and fish print (I think that one is my favorite). Oh what am I going to make with it?? I love you both so much! THANK YOU!!!

The last box was from Purl Patchwork, it was filled with fine cotton batting and Echino by Kokka. Most of those prints I LOVE, but one I really wish I would not have selected, and Why oh why did I order so much of it?? Oh well maybe it will be a nice liner for a bag...or maybe someone else will like it. Different strokes for different folks. OK, tomorrow my little bag vacation will be over and I am back to sewing for other dear ladies. Maybe I will have Emma's quilt finished by then. I just needs to be quilted, and she wants it quilted with "love hearts" as the Aussie's call them. We will see. My Dear husband wants to watch "Return of the King" so that may be what I do instead, who can tell? Emma's quilt has grown on me and I like it again. ESPECIALLY the back. Just wait till you see it. If you are a Heather Ross fan you will flip.




Tif said...

Did I read right? Was it your birthday? If so, happy birthday woman!!!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Tia I have just had a lovely time reading your blog. What you are doing for the troops and their families is wonderful. And how great that you got all that Kaffe Fassett fabrics donatedI I love everything he does. I am a quilter also and got to hear him speak at the big quilt show in Houston a couple of years ago. He is as charming as he is talented. You mentioned your sisters live in Charlotte (that's where I live) and went to the Schumacher mill. Could you find out if it is open to the public or is it trade only and where it is. I would be very interested in going there.
Keep up the good work. What you are doing is awesome. Rhondi

the Campfollower said...

Thanks Tif! Yep another year of xperience under my belt!
Rhondi- Try this
Central Distribution Facility
1247 Frederic Drive
Richburg, SC 29729
(803) 789-6500
I do believe it is open to the public, my little sister and cousin went with Malia (who was 8 months prego at the time) to carry her loot. Talk about great deals...I will be visiting when I go home this summer! Have a great time! Malia does say it is hit and happy hunting!

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