Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Quilt

I am a huge Heather Ross fan. I love her work. I am one of those odd balls who scour EBay looking for the odd old Munki Munki print so I can fold it up and keep it on my Heather Ross Shelf in the studio. Well, two collections ago I just moved to our strange new reality (Alice Springs, but I really think it is a government program to colonize Mars. Don't tell anyone I am on to the operation;0). This was the first project I began in our new home. Even Before S. Barton's lovely bags. It was actually the only fabric I had at the moment because our household goods (all whopping 1/2 crate of them) had yet to arrive. I ordered this before I left Texas and it was waiting at the APO for me when I got here. Anyway, I loved the VW vans. My favorite car as a matter of fact. (I want another Eurovan when we return to civilization). OK onto the purpose of my post....It is the day after Christmas, right? Boxing Day? Well, I intended this to be a quick quilt. One that would really celebrate the large detailed prints Heather Ross does so well. I choose "Lady of the Lake" for the block style. I figured this would be quick and easy. Yeah, not so much. Almost a year has passed since I began this quilt for my little girl. It has 1024 stupid little triangles sewn together...I decided it was not so important to trim or square as I went. I really should have. Oh, and I selected a stripe for one of the tiny triangle prints. Don't ever do that, ladies (and gentlemen). So yesterday and today I have toiled and sweated and cried over this waste of beautiful Heather Ross fabric. But My little angel walked into my studio and was so thrilled about her new quilt, I decided to involve her a bit more. I asked her to choose some of my special fabric for her quilt. Her eyes got big and she announced that we should use the all! Well, what the heck! Let's do it! No sense letting this treasure sit here and gather dust. So the big pink "cabin on the lake" is coming along so nicely!I do love sewing just for the joy of it. And the joy in Emma's eyes and Claudia's emails and your other wonderful words of praise really is a great Christmas present to me. THANK YOU! I hope your Christmas was as wonderful!

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