Friday, January 25, 2008

The hottest drink in the most humid town

I don't know if I have blogged about the heat here in Alice Springs or not...well it is hot. Today it is hot and humid.I can tell it really wants to rain, but I don't think that it really will. We got a very small shower back in early December, but that is has been it for the "wet season". Wow...real wet. I got a sunburn driving to the post office yesterday. We have an old Diesel Land Cruiser, I just love rumbling around in it, but it takes longer for the AC to cool down than actual time spent in the truck, so I prefer windows down...well with the windows down we all got slightly baked.
So now on to Beer with ice, yes you heard me right beer with ice. Not just any beer, but Coopers Sparkling Ale. According to the guy at the bottle shop, this is the hottest drink in Darwin. Well it has been so humid the past couple days that I have been having one while I make dinner and watch the kids sweat on the playground. It really cools a gal down.
For those of you not aware, I do not like beer much. I am more of a wine lady (my favorites are Cabernet Sauvignon for the red and New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs for the white). My husband on the other hand is a Beer man. He likes beer. We were stunned when we went to the bottle shop (after 1400, mind you) and saw the price of beer. We were trying to convince ourselves that the 6 pack marked $25.00 was a mistake, or maybe represented a case. But no, in Alice Springs beer costs a fortune. The rum is fairly cheap....but I don't care for rum at all. I don't really know where I am going with this post, I just want you all to try Coopers Sparkling Ale on ice when it gets hot where you live. Of course you have to be old enough, but I don't think my target audience is exactly adolescents.

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Tif said...

That looks yummy....but it's cold here and I would have to fore go the ice. :)

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