Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a nice day.

I just love days when very little is expected of us. We can hang out at the house, the kids can work on their little projects and I can sew away on mine. It rained all day yesterday and that was so very refreshing. It really broke the heat. Wow I really can't load multiple pictures in a pretty manner. I have done the help button thing and come up with nothing. Oh well...sorry for the post not being pretty.
So I have 2 pictures up there. One is my lovely little girl being very creative, but with the WRONG fabric. I understand her love of pretty things...and she does have great taste when it comes to the medium for her art. I guess I need to stress not beginning the fussy cutting in the middle of the fabric, try to take an image from the side and draw with a pencil on the BACK of the fabric, not the front...This is a piece of Marimekko (Authentic Marimekko fabric from Finland! Hand screened print designed in 1964 by Maija Isola and Kristina Isola) well it was a special treat for me...Birthday to myself. I have been wanting to order some for ages now and Repo Depot had a sale so I bought some. I was happy it was on sale because the quality is far less than I was anticipating. I have this piece and I will not be rushing back to buy anymore. Anyway, I was not that fussed about Emma defacing it. I was proud of her for choosing something lovely to work with. I was going to try a skirt with this fabric, but now I think I will have Emma help me make a bag...or a simple quilt. It is time for her to learn the fundamentals.
The other picture (the on that looks sorta like baguettes) was taken last night on our walk to the little corner shop near our house. I laugh in my mind every time I see it because it is named "FOOD LAND". Why would you name your shop Food Land? Horrible name. It is a pretty nasty store too, but we needed butter to make cookies and I didn't feel like loading everyone up in the truck and going to town. I took my camera on the walk because I love how the Eucalyptus trees smell and look in the rain. I was hoping to capture that with my photo skills (I didn't, so don't look too hard). I found these disgusting looking Kangaroo Tails (They really are Kangaroo tails) in the frozen section right beside the fish sticks. Who eats Kangaroo tails? Is it some sort of Bush Tucker? They still have the fur on, really adding to their similarity to giant frozen Rat tails. They are quite affordable too at $3.85 apiece. At the butcher shop you can get them by the box full. Yumm, really have a fun family BBQ. I really have no clue how they are to be prepared. Any suggestions??
Well I gotta run, the tribe is waking up and I suppose they would like to be fed.

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Shelley said...

Apparently the best thing to do with the tails ... soup. Here's a link I found online --

And the little one looks so innocent! LOL. All I can say is make sure you post a pic of whatever she makes out of the pretty fabric!! :o)

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