Friday, February 8, 2008

Is my email still dorked up?

Have any of you been emailing me? I normally have zillions of messages in the mornings, but this morning only 6. Then I hear from Tif, and she has been having her emails rejected. What the heck?! Grrrrrrr. If you are trying to get hold of me try....
until I can figure out what is going on with my email. How bizarre.
Please don't give up on me! I love you all and I will happily spend my morning coffee time emailing you! I have 3 sick kids with sore throats and snot dribbling out of their little noses, and toss some fevers on top of the fun and I guess we have a sick day. Yippee. Since I don't have to rush to school, I made muffins. They are really super dooper (glazed orange muffins) I added some fresh butter, and man o man....crazy good. I got that book for my husband's Valentine....but he is not here, so I decided to break it in. So darn good. We love soup, and this is the best of cook books! I ordered it from Amazon, so you can too! That Crescent Dragonwagon (what an awesome name!) is one great little cook.
Speaking of names, wouldn't that one be great to wear on your uniform....I would love to make a DRAGONWAGON bag. Cool. At my ROTC summer camp there was a fellow there with the name OUTLAW that is a pretty cool one too. Now there were some pretty unfortunate ones too. I won't list them, you know who you are. Ok...gotta go get the kids ready for their Doc Appt.


krikette said...

Haha, I feel for you, my littlest and my husband both have the runny, stuffy noses, sore throat gig.

Me and my eldest survived! (or just finished it earlier so we could pass it to them! Ha!)

natesgirl said...

hi haven't been trying to email you but sent you one just to help you test out your email

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