Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the Waifs

Today I got a treat at the Amazon order! Happy day! My neighbor loves the Waifs and when we would get together to BBQ she and my husband would break out the guitars and she loved singing covers for the Waifs. Well, I am not a musical lady. I like to listen, but I don't sing So, I loved listening to Glinda sing and my husband play, and her favorite song was "Bridal Train". It is about the Australian War Brides from WWII. Well, I have finally heard the real version and it is just wonderful! The Waifs sound like a mixture of Dixie Chicks, 10,000 maniacs and kinda a bit of Stevie Nicks...Great sound, kinda bluesy. Very soothing yet peppy. Check out the can even listen to samples on Amazon.

I also got Last Minute Fabric Gifts...I was really expecting wonderful stuff since I am CRAZY about Last Minute Patchwork and quilted Gifts it looks ok...I will give a couple projects a shot, but if you are in the market for a great sewing inspiration book definatly check out the latter (LMPAQG). The kids got a wonderful illustrated bible (The Lion Illustrated Bible for Children) the illustrations are so lovely and the storeis are brief, all 3 of my little guys enjoyed their story time this evening...oh and I also got Far and Away. My favorite Tom Cruise movie...from before he turned oddball. I am reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" that is a super good read, thanks Kerri for reccomending it. You know I love your taste in books!

We also had an insane dust storm today. Dust....superfine, everywhere. An Outback Sciracco. Ok, I am beat. I am off to bed, S.W. your quilt, bag and diaper pad will be airborne tomorrow. Hopefully I can get Hunt and Profitt finished as well. I will try my best!

ps, sorry if there are mis-spellings in this post, for some reason my spell check won't activate.


The Army of Four said...

We got about 10 inches (hard to tell with the drifts) of snow over night. Can I come there to thaw out? :)

the Campfollower said...

Hi Karen, you, your husband and doggies are always welcome here! Bring sunblock and a big shady hat...oh and a bandanna to keep the dust out of your mouth. Emma is ready with her hairbrush and bows to make your Sibs very very pretty.


Tif said...

Tia :)

What email should I email you with?

I've got pics of Elba and family I would love to send you!

Hope things are well!

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