Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My New site is up and at it!

Hi there everyone! My new site is up and at it! Go over and give it a peek and let me know if you find any dead ends of things you think I need to add. I LOVE feedback.


There will be a blog on that site ONLY dedicated to bag production. Who I am on....how it is going pictures of the process....bla bla bla. The bird man may make an appearence from time to time...who knows what will happen. He likes to turn up at about 0600 when I am stumbeling into the kitchen trying to make my coffee. He had prefer it if I would turn my AC off so he can hear the bird a little better. Yeah...he has got to be a wacko if he expects me to leave my AC off it 108-115 F weather. The mysterious love songs of the Channel Billed Cucko will have to remain a mystery if he wants me to sweat in my home. Forget that.

Rules for the bag competition....I am still working on them. I want to make another bag and wallet for the loot. I will do that Saturday. This week I am trying to get a big shipment out to my fine patient ladies!


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