Friday, February 22, 2008

My week, so far

This is where I have been spending my week....cutting and sewing and cutting and ripping off patches and resewing the patches and sewing some more and just making the most enormous mess! We rearranged our house Monday, and now I get to spred out a bit more. Maybe I will make some curtains and just close them when people come over. Most of our guests know that is not really a dirty mess...just a fabric mess. And I say Martha Stewart will not be stopping by to check out my sewing area, so what the heck!

Oh and I have been trying to get hold of some of you. PLEASE check your spam folders. Sadly that is where my emails go sometiems;o( Oh well, for some of your bags I am at a stand still, I can't go on without your input! Or I can, but you may HATE what I do. I hope not, but I want to be sure. I just want you happy with your bags.

I was being watched by these guys and their family this morning. The bird feeder was out and they were pateintly waiting for their refill. When I went out there were about 15 of them. Sitting on the fence and phone lines. I like these guys. They are ver patient and dignified. Much better than the cockatoos that swarm by the hundreds and devour our bird seed...pigs. It never fails to amaze me. Living out in the middle of the desert where the landscape is so alien to see the beautiful birds. There are tons of bugs and nasty things for them to eat, so I guess it makes sense, but they are so lovely.

This was dinner last night. Yep that is heaps of greese and salt, but holy moly that is some good eating! 3 baramundies and 4 Morton Bay Bugs. For those of you not familiar with bugs, they are like small lobster. They are wonderful grilled, but fried in a light tempura batter...oh my goodness! Crazy good. We got them over at East Side Fish and Chips. FOr those of you here or who have been here, you will probably know it. Obviously this is a once in a rare while treat. We went last night because it was so hot there was no way I was turning on the oven. Today is going to be even more hot. You know it is hot when your sweat just evoporates off your skin. Out AC in the old truck just can't keep up, so we roll down the windows and get blasted with dusty hot air on the way to and from school. We all have our water, but it is hard to keep up with hydration. Golly it is hot here. I thought the heat was on the way out....but I was so WRONG. It will be about 115 F today. I will be inside sewing;o)

This is the book I have been reading. The APO man gave it to me. Good heaven, these guys are really the elite of the elite. I just hope they are all having lots and lots of babies so we can keep their superior warrior DNA in the gene pool. I would of course lend my womb to the cause, but I don't think my husband would be too hot on that issue;o) On that note I will sign off and take the tribe to school. I will be sewing all day today and try to get some bags out in the mail!

Cheers ya'll!

ps. Emma is doing so well with her little pink hearing aides and FM system. She says that her teacher has so much to say! I guess she didn't know she was talking before. Poor little girl!


vintagechica said...

We're doing our part for the gene pool, three boys. Thanks a million for your bag project. As a SEAL Team wife, it is amazing the number of injured coming home in our community...6 last week. What you are doing for these wives is just wonderful.



the Campfollower said...

I would be honored to sew for you and your friends. Please pass them my info, if you think it appropriate. I am ALWAYS open for Hero bags and quilts. Good job on strengthing the Gene Pool!


The Army of Four said...

That is an INCREDIBLE book! Truly!

PS: Mmm... fish & chips. Mmm. When we lived in Belgium, the British mess at SHAPE would make them on Fridays and do carry out. Mmm....

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