Monday, March 10, 2008

And the winner is......

I had a strange day today, so to celebrate the oddness I had Emma draw the Bag winner. I was going to use the fancy web based random selector, but I just don't think I have the mental strength to figure it out this evening. Emma picked #8 so that makes the winner, commenter C. Kniffin. I am pretty sure I already have your address, so I will shoot you an email letting you know you are a winner! I will mail your bag out in the morning and it will be in your hot little hands in about a week
Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments and you guys have some great favorite places.
As you know life with and around me is never a dull thing. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may be familiar with "the Crazy Bird Man" who has been filming my Channel Billed Cucko. Well I had to have a warrant for trespassing issued to him today. Seems he has turned out to be downright unstable. My husband asked him to move his observation post elsewhere and he went nuts, calling us ugly Americans. Well...the ugly Americans have involved the very helpful Northern Territory police force. I have never been a target before (as far as I know) so this is new for me. But I picked up on his strange nature from the get go. I think this is the first time I have had to call the police.
I remember one of my worst day during my husbands last deployment involved the Ft Hood MPs. It was August in Texas. We were having a PJ day since it was Sunday and I just didn't feel motivated to rouse and dress my tribe up that morning. I had been quilting all day long and my kids had been drawing on me with their crayola washable markers. I hope I am not the only one who has experienced this, but after my husband was away for so long my body would get touch deprived. The drawing on my arms, back and lower legs took care of two things A) It kept the kids busy in a safe and productive manner and B) it felt good, kinda like when you get your hair cut, the tugging and snipping of the scissors. Ok, so I am trying to paint a picture for you. It is a Hot Sunday, we all have our PJs on and I am covered with washable crayola tattoos drawn by my 3 year old and my 4.5 year old (at that time Sam was about 16 months old, so the house is a pretty noisy and rowdy place with 3 little kids and me). Well it is getting on towards dinner, so I have the beans on (I decided to try a new Williams and Sonoma recipe) and the kids and I are out in the back yard playing in the big plastic pool. Ethan has decided to fling off his bathing trunks to "go natural" but hey it is my backyard, and he is 3 so what the heck. I went in to stir the beans, and I heard the front screen door slam. In the time it took me to put the spoon down and walk around to the front door my naked 3 year old dashed outside, jumped on his bike and was zipping down the sidewalk. Oh and got stopped my a roving MP patrol, who was walking him up to my front door. Me in my PJs covered with drawings. We lived in Wainwright Village (very quiet company grade housing with big shady oak trees) and nothing ever "went down" there. Well, the civilian rent a cop called in back up for my little streaker and all the sudden I had 4 cop cars and 8 grown men in my front yard. And I got a lesson in parenting from a 20 year old man with no children. Thanks buddy. I hope you have triplets. Oh as well as all my neighbors. Well, that was one of my worst days. We don't really do PJ day anymore. My neighbors were all there to support me. It kinda freaks the army spouses out when a bunch of police cars are outside her friends house. Makes me break into a cold sweat. Oh well, there you have a little window into my life.
I finished some really cute bags today. They are up on Flicker. G. Preston if you are reading this for some reason, please check your spam folder, you have some emails from me there. Thanks!
I will be getting the website ready for a couple custom slots tomorrow. I will send you an email too, just to give you early warning. I have no idea if the slots will be snatched up, but I want to be able to give you a chance if you want one.


The Army of Four said...

Congrats to your winner! And thank you for your generosity in doing this! Very, very sweet of you!
I had a great run-in with the MPs during Desert Storm. We lived in a huge set of quarters on main post at Ft. Riley. LONG hallway that ran from the front of the house to the back. And as it was built in the 1890s, more often than not, the doorbell didn't work. So... one of my dogs starts barking at someone out front. I thought the bell had probably rung and started walking to the front door, trying to look out the front window as I went. I see ... the front of an Army sedan parked in front of my house. We all know what that means and you can imagine how my heart exploded. It took me like 100 years to get to the front door. Only no one was there. Then I saw the rest of the vehicle - and it was an MP car. He parked in FRONT OF MY HOUSE to go do some foot patrol. Niiiiiiiice. I waited for him and suggested he leave his vehicle in a parking lot and not in front of someone's house whose husband was deployed. ARGH! What were they thinking!?!? Not a good day. Not really. :/
Hugs to you,

Tif said...

Oh my with that Bird Man! Yikes! Weirdo! Gives me shivers. I hope he stays away. I'm sending be-gone vibes.

And I was just totally loving Emma on Flickr! She's so comfortable on stage-I love it :heart:. I showed dh and he just marvelled! Like time wasn't suppose to pass or something. He still thinks Emma should be a baby LOL.

the Campfollower said...

HI Karen and Tif, Thanks so much for the comments. MPs sure can scare the life out of a gal. Tif, it is hard to believe the kids are getting so big! You transitioned Emma with Baby Greggy in his stroller in the corner. How wild was that? And now he is 7 and Emma thinks she is a Buccaneer cheerleader.


krikette said...

OH MY GOD. I could have sworn I was the only person to have this happen to me. Only MINE was about 2 or so, and decided to streak down to the end of the block to knock on some random lady's door. Then he apparently walked all the way BACK, closed the door, put the child protective baseball cover BACK on the doorknob, and sat down in front of the TV JUST IN TIME for the local sherriff to come knock on my door. I totally flipped out on him and went outside to cuss him out where Seth couldn't hear, and finally just asked him what color shirt the lady said he was wearing (that's ALL he was wearing, mind you, except apparently he had ALSO thrown on some pants when he got in) and he told me, Red with White Stripes. I scoffed and turned around, and LO- red with white stripes, alright. OH MY I was embarassed.

And about the drawing thing, I actually know what you mean. My son occassionally gets a wild hair about the fact that I have a tattoo down one arm but not the other (I like the asymmetry) and gets out the Sharpies to draw me ones to cover the other arm. Which I thought was adorable until I realized that Sharpie is semi-permanent on skin as well. And fully permanent on bath sponges. o.O That day we had a surprise FRG meeting. Isn't it funny that when kids decide to draw on us, something important always comes up to make us look bad? LOL

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