Sunday, March 9, 2008

Emma and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders

When I was a little girl in Germany, my parents took me to see Circus Krone. Before the show started we got to walk around the tents and see all the animals. My favorite tent was the one with the black horses. They had big red feathers on their heads and I fell in LOVE with the shortest horse named Barka. The man in charge of the horses said if I really wanted to have him I just had to come back to the tent after the show and he would give me the horse. I was 6. I totally believed him, and I wanted that horse. Needless to say, after the show I did not get to take the horse home with me. I am sure I sobbed my eyes out. Probably for days. My poor parents.

Well an MWR show came to town this weekend. It featured a comedian, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders and a band named 5 Star Iris. Emma fell in love with the cheerleaders. She was amazed by their dancing and outfits (looked like 10 Barbie Dolls come to life and dancing just for her) and they were all so nice and sweet. Just a great group of American girls. After their show they all stood by the stage while the band played and my Emma was right in the middle of them all. They all went up on stage to dance for the last couple songs. Well, guess who marched right up there with them. Yep, my little girl.

The girl above (Jenni) had her birthday here, and Emma was up at 0600 making her a birthday present. She wanted her to have a fairy wand. So, I helped her out and we gathered limbs from the orange tree in the back yard and some of the native trees in the park. We braided them around one of the big rough garnets from the front yard, and made a great fairy wand.

The cheerleaders had a little cheer camp for the little kids and taught them a little dance and a couple chants. They got to preform their little dance at the concert again last night.
Once again at the end of the concert, Emma was right up on center stage dancing her little heart out with her new friends the cheerleaders. She picked out Jenni for her favorite, and really wanted to take her home with us, just like I did that horse when I was her age. I am sure Jenni would eat alot less than the horse....but we still had to say no.



A side not about my "Blessing" post. Thank you so much for your kindness and words of encouragement. We are awaiting test results and praying it will be nothing. I hate the waiting game. I miss being a nurse and just looking up my own test results when I wanted them.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

You've put so much good karma out there, that if anyone deserves a break - it's got to be you.

I'm so impressed by your spirit of acceptance and love (especially with your current duty station). I'd like to think I could be that cool.

krikette said...

That's pretty mean that the guy would tell you that. I mean, he had to gave been completely daft not to realize the only two outcomes would be:

1. Your mom wouldn't let you come back to the tent, and thus you would be mad at HER for all eternity about her depriving you of the horse.

2. You WOULD get to go back to the tent afterwards and thus you would be mad at HIM for all eternity for lying.

If someone told Seth that, I'd probably say I'd have to shoot him. But then I may possibly have the most sensitive boy in the whole world.

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