Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day in My Life ;o)

Hi Y'all. This is where I work. It is the dining room on the big dining room table. Yep, it is a big mess, but it is all separated into piles, so I know where everything is. If you look close you may be able to find your bag skeleton. I have been busy on bags this week....not the big pretty finished product, but the behind the scenes of cutting and taking pictures of fabric combos for ladies so they can get a better idea of what their special bag will look like. Oh and straps....they are the least favorite part of my bag making day. Very important part of the bag...but for some reason I don't like doing them. I am pretty happy with the way I am doing them now with the swirly on either side of the quote (if you want a quote). OK...I am babbling. Onward! I wake up about 0530, do a round of Yoga, then hit the emails. I really do try to answer each one, but you know how my email has been lately, really shaky. I am not ignoring you, please feel free to bombard me with emails. I love hearing from you and I love it that you are excited about your bags. My early risers are up about 0630. I have to lure Emma out of bed so we can get to school on time.
After I drop the kiddos off at school Sam and I do our shopping. Well we do our shopping of Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I go straight home and sew (and email). This is the Bakery where we get our bread and the occasional doughnut. Te bakery is pretty good. I think I have gotten used to it, because I remember when I first got here I would turn my nose up at their excuse for a doughnut.
This is the chicken butcher. It is conveniently located right beside the bakery and out front of the grocery store. There are 2 grocery stores in town. I like this one better because it is close to the bakery. ;o) The only thing bad about the chicken butcher is that you have to eat the chicken the day you buy it. The Aussies don't use preservatives like we do in the States, so things go bad more quickly. But my body feels so much better without all the preservatives.
Ignore Emma's 1000 yard stare. She probably sees the rare jalapeno. This is the grocery store. I wish I would have taken a picture of the grapes, they are for sale for the bargain price of $14 a kg (the Aussie dollar and the US dollar are about the same) . Cost of living is pretty expensive here. They have to truck everything in, and that is reflected in the prices. Also there is no competition in the businesses, so they charge whatever they darn well please.
This is the Meat butcher. They have really nice meat here. Once again very little preservatives. I just bought some scotch fillets for chili. My husband and I are on a soup kick. I guess it is the cold weather. It plunged to about 68 F today and that is pretty chilly when your body is used to 114F for about 5 months straight.

We have lived here for a little over a year and still love it. If you ever get the chance I can't recommend Australia highly enough, so do come visit. It really is a great country. We do have the odd interaction with the locals and there are really strange solutions for problems. For instance, there is a big problem with drug addiction and alcohol dependency, especially among the indigenous people. So to take care of this problem they got rid of regular unleaded gasoline and replaced it with a product called Opal. Some of the Aborigines were putting their children to bed at night with a can of gas open at the bedside. Well, you can't get high off opal. I guess. I have never tired. Also you can't buy Alcohol until after 1400 and don't even think of buying port until after 1600 (mind you the bottle stores only stay open to 2000). I think it is so funny. It is a solution....but a funny one.

I didn't include a picture of the APO. That is my favorite stop of the day. Kinda like having all your shopping delivered to one central place. All your uniform tops and bottoms come to me there. But the mail does not come every day, so it is a hit or miss thing. I still love it. OK, I am tired, so off to bed with me. I hope I haven't bored you too much. Thanks for reading my ranting!




bettyninja said...

Cute post. I must copy with my own day in the life

Shelley said...

Tia, thanks for a glimpse into your world. Loved seeing the pics too. I'm living in Austrailia with you (in my dreams, haha)!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Very interesting. Great look into your life which is clearly different from ours. A look into my life would be very boring especially since I go to the commissary once every week or so and Walmart in between. BORING.

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