Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

My dad sent a box filled with Easter goodies including egg dye. Well, He sent Peeps, and they tend to get confiscated at customs. So while his box is delayed in Sydney, we just went ahead and painted the eggs ourselves. My parents would always paint one silly egg and put it in our baskets (or the Easter Bunny would do it) I remember how funny that was as a kid so I painted a silly portrait of each of our children on their own silly egg.
Emma's Egg
Ethan's egg
Sam's Egg. (that is 3 sets of big blue eyes, huh?)
Then we had about 6 egg our PJs/under ware. Oh you may be wondering about the lack of baskets....well the Easter bunny forgot about them until it was too late to pack them in our household goods, so the kid's baskets are in storage in Texas and I forgot to order more since there are none to be found in Alice Springs....hence the Easter Bowls. The kids didn't seem to mind. Last year I made them each a little bag out of the cuff of the uniform top, but I couldn't find them either this year. So Bamm....Easter Bowls.

After our last egg hunt I went in and took a cold shower (I forgot to turn on the hot water button. There is a big solar heater on the roof and if it is not real sunny for a day or two the water stays cold.) and we packed up the truck with water, hats and a picnic and went to Stanley Chasm. It was a very nice Easter Sunday. I hope yours was as nice if not better. Happy Easter, Friends!


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