Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Weekend off for me.

This weekend my husband took all 3 of our kiddos camping and gave me the weekend off. This is the first time in my time as a mother that I have not had at least 1 child close by. Wow. A whole night all to myself in our quiet, clean house. It was peaceful. And so quiet. It took me until about 0130 to finally get to sleep. As a mother anytime you have silence....prolonged silence it means something is not right. Especially with my little gang. They are a very busy bunch, and to not have any of them close by was kinda hard to get used to. I was so happy when they drove up this afternoon! Instantly the noise was back....and the mess. But it was so nice to have my family back again.
The whole time they were gone I kept thinking about how it must have been for my husband....and yours who are deployed. Yep they have their troops to be with, And Lord knows their jobs can be horribly stressful but such prolonged time away from those you love more than anything has got to be so very gut wrenching as well. I missed my husband terribly during all of his deployments, but I always had our little brood to hold and love and have their constant chatter and noise. So I was never really "ALONE" I had my wonderful girlfriends who were going through the same situation, so in that I was not "ALONE" either.
I am happy to have my noisy house back....while the silence was nice, the racket is better. I really didn't know what to do with myself. I thought I would get tons of sewing done. But I didn't. I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep the first day (that may have something to do with me not being able to go to sleep until 0130 the same night) I NEVER nap. I guess it goes back to my time as an Army Nurse. I feel like if I am on duty I MUST be awake and ready to deal with whatever comes my way. I can't nap because then the kids will do something terrible or get hurt. I have to be awake and aware of all that they are doing. My 6th sense at the ready. Then today I called my mom and had a big long talk with her, about nothing and everything. I think we talked for about 3 hours. My voice was all dried up when I hung up. I then washed my windows. I had 2 reasons for not going camping (which I love to do) #1 I was still trying to shake my flu. I am just rundown and needed time to rest and catch up. #2 My "Aunt Flo" was scheduled to visit this weekend. I don't care how hard core you are, no woman I know wants to hump her soiled tampons out of the desert. Yuck. TMI I am sure...but there you go.
So here is my dirty little campfire smoky smelling little tribe. They made spears, roasted marshmallows, climbed trees, fell out of same trees, sang songs and just generally had a blast. They are all in bed now....along with my smoked husband. I am going to tidy up a bit and go join him. What a hero he is to me!



Heavenly Blossom said...

How sweet of him to give you a weekend :) I bet they had the most amazing time. I've only been away from my daughter once, but that was to visit the hubby in Korea, and I thought she would miss me. I called her a couple times, but she had no time for me, lol. She was at the beach with Grama, haha.

acte gratuit said...

I followed a link to a link to your blog and have one comment:
I agree with you about Kite Runner. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't love it. I did finish it, but only after being talked into it after taking the dumb thing back to the library.

Search my blog for "book reviews" and you can read what I wrote.

Cute sewing, btw!

tif said...

awww...i'm so glad you got rome recoup time, but agree...i wouldn't know what to do with myself either!

jmbmommy said...

TMI---now that is one to laugh at!!!! HEE hEE. SO real. Anyway, it sounds nice to have a day at home alone--but it does get awful quiet doesn't it?? Glad that everyone had fun and that you are all back together.

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