Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a day and I have a sewing class this month

HI Everyone. No pictures today. I didn't have power (as in electricty) for most of the day, so I did alot of bag cutting. Cutting and more cutting. And man, do I have a temper today? I sure hope I haven't snapped at any of you via email. But if I did, sorry. I guess I get about 30 to 40 bag related emails everyday. I really try to respond to each one....heck I love to talk. Anyone who knows me knows that I can yap your ear off, but if I am typing away to you, I am not working on your bag. So....I guess I need to focus more on the sewing. I LOVE sewing! It is so peaceful for me. If you gals aren't comfortable with a sewing machine, try a needle and thread. It really has a great rhythm. Very elemental. Now, with that said, I am not hand stitching any bags at the moment. That is why I just cut today. But hand stitching is a nice way to end the day. I have some really cool bags on the table right now. Some have hand dyed fabric (by me, oh la la) and others have some really great vintage Amy Butler prints. I will open my little vault for some special ladies....Speaking of Special ladies!

Listen up! if you are here in the area I will be having 2 sewing classes (May 17th and 24th from 0900-1200). Our first project is going to be a Scrappy Small Tote and depending on how we go, the second will either be finishing up the bag or starting a scrappy/memory quilt. No real experience is necessary and I will have my 2 Berninas at the class along with 3 very big bags of scraps (hence the name of the class....Small Scrappy Tote). All you will need to bring is a yard of solid color fabric and sewing Stuff (sewing machine, scissors, and thread ((if you don't have that, I will be there with all my stuff, and you are welcome to it...just don't break anything;o) Please email me if you are interested. I have barely mentioned it here in town and I am already getting calls from complete strangers. So I am going to say we are going to stick to 8 ladies at first and if I know and love you, you are first on my list. Oh and there is no charge for the class...just behave. I can revert to the mean nurse so fast it will make your head spin. No one wants to see that.

OK, dinner is almost ready. We are having Tomato Pie and salad. My husbands Aunt made one last time we where home and it was damn fine. I think I ended up eating the whole thing over 3 days. I actually hid it in the refrigerator under a platter of ham. You now have the recipe that Joyful abode uses. Oh and her husband is a Navy Pilot. I can go on for hours about a hilarious story about my dad and him thinking that he is a Navy man....but I will hold that for another time. I love you Dad! I also have an account at Free Spirit Fabric and Heather Bailey, Denyse Schmidt, and Joel Dewberry are getting ready to come out with new lines. Gasp. I want it all...well not all, just some.


Heavenly Blossom said...

I love to read your blogs...they always make me smile or giggle. I'm so jealous of people in your area that can make it to your sewing class too, lemme tell ya!

Tambur said...

Hey Girl,

Just wanted to get my name on the list for the sewing day. I can even contribute my Pfaff for the day. Also I can make goodies....lots of goodies - to keep our energy levels up you know. Also have a friend that you know, who also would like to come.
Have a great day!


Sarah said...

i was just looking a tomato pie over at blueyonder yesterday - yum!

Tif said...

WTG for sewing classes!!!! I wish I was there to provide some yummies and to play with fabric with you and other ladies :0)

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