Friday, June 20, 2008

Sewing thearpy

Some ladies go have massage, some go shopping, others read.....I stayed in my PJ's and sewed until 1420 (2:30 pm) yesterday. It felt so great. Made me wonder why I get dressed at all. I got so much done. Look at all I did!

I finished this Hero Bag for a fallen Marines' mother. It is an Amber purse made with Joel Dewberry fabric.

This bag is one of my newest designs. It is a knitting bag and will be auctioned on with several skeins of yarn. Lisa will have some more info on her Blog. I have never done a joint auction like this before....we will see how it goes. I dig this bag though. So much detail. I used Amy Butler's new Midwest Modern fabric collection. Several of you have selected the pinks from this line for your bags and they are great together.

Oh these pictures are out of order...oh well. I don't know how to fix that. This is a Hero Quilt I am working on for a little girl. Her father was a Marine. I am going to add a narrow white boarder then stack and quilt it.

This is the inside of the quilting bag. 2 big, quilted interior pockets, 2 knitting needle slots, I wrote one of my grandmother's favorite idioms on the biggest interior pocket "Idle hands are the Devil's tools". There are better pictures on my Flickr Bag Gallery. More to come on when this auction will take place.

Anyway, I was pretty excited about my productivity yesterday, so I wanted to share. I did all the above yesterday! See, I am back in the game! Wahoo!


Rhonda said...

OMG!! I love your bags!

Heavenly Blossom said...

I so love those pinks!!! Gorgeous stuff, as always :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I was wondering if I can download this picture of the log cabin quilt to my flickr and post it on my blog, I'm writing this week about people who inspire me and I'd like to do you and I wanted to use this picture....


the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much Ladies!

Brit, you are welcome to download the picture but maybe you might like this one better
It is quilted and finished in that pic. Let me know ifyou do a little blog about me and I will link to yours from mine.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I will..

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