Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank Heaven my head is attached.

It sure has been a busy couple days...or weeks. We are getting ready to go on our R&R back to the States and I have been sewing like an even more possessed woman that I normally am. Well, I have been trying to sew like an inspired woman....I hate to say "burn out", but I sure as heck am getting darn close. Can someone remind me why I said "I am only going to take 5 custom orders this time around" and ended taking a zillion? What the heck was I thinking? Oh well, the truth is I am a big fat softy. Give me a good story and I will bend over backwards to make you happy. I adore sewing for you all and I am so geeked that you are all willing to pay me your hard earned money to carry my bags. Well, at the moment I am playing twister with myself. It is truly pathetic. I have about 40 bags cut and in various stages of readiness. How many times have you wonderful ladies heard "I will have your bags out to you by the end of the week". I swear I mean it at the time, but each time I say that the craziest things happen. Like Ethan bashes his head on the monkey bars, Emma gets devoured by toxic ants, Sam spews vomit all over the living room, I sew through my thumb, or try to cut off my index finger with the rotary cutter....the list is long a gorey. As I am watching this bloody movie via out of body experience the quote "You can have anything if you are willing to sacrifice everything" keeps going through my head. IS this all a sign? Should I toss in the towel? Do I need to try to hire a seamstress or two to sew with me? Dear Lord, where am I going with my sewing gig?

I have 3 Hero quilts going and a family who is not taking "no" or "give me one more minute" for an answer. Wow. I am so ready to sit on a beach and not even think of fabric.....well that is impossible. I LOVE fabric and I LOVE sewing. As a matter of fact I will be teaching my sister, Malia, to sew while I am in NC on vacation. She really does know how to sew, I am just going to show her my methods. As of this moment I am on a fabric diet. I went a little crazy last week with some of the new collections....

Peace on Earth by 3 sisters. I am wild for the map prints in this collection. Please feel free to visit my Flickr Fabric to see more pictures of my new fabric.

Chloe's Imagination by Tina Givens

I have some combos on my Flickr Fabric Gallery for you to look at if you are stumped with your fabric selections. Gosh these are going to make some killer bags. I just need to find the time to sew.

The good news is that our vacation has "been pushed to the right a week or 2" so I have more time to get cracking on my bags before I dash off on a round the world whirl wind tour. Is it wrong to feel kinda happy to put off a vacation? I just have so much I need to get finished....I need closure!!!!!!

The kids have another vacation for the next 2 weeks (about 2 weeks) so my day does not have to involve school runs. So that is good. More time to sew in my PJs.

Here is some of one of the Hero Quilts I am working on at the moment. It is actually ready to be stacked but I don't have a good picture of it. This one is made for a little girl whose daddy was a Marine. It is going to be lovely! I hope it will bring the family a bit of comfort.

This is probably the least eloquent of my posts....please forgive my rant. I just want you to know I am alive and still sewing away. Soon, my pretties you will all have your bags and they are all going to be so lovely. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!!!!



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