Sunday, June 1, 2008

What I am working on now...

I have a bunch of stuff I am working on right now. I have a ton of bags all cut and my friend Wendy is coming over tomorrow to cut some more with me. It should be a very good time, but I tell you I love that lady. She is such an easy person to be around. She has a light....kinda an aura and she is a tonic to my soul.

Here is a list of the bags I am working on now and where they are in the process.....

-J. Love (I am trying to work on a new backpack design....kinda a sling bag, but that design has not stepped up to the forefront of my mind yet, it is close....but hasn't introduced itself yet) Her other bags are cut.

-W. Hastings (your bag is cut and I am fiddling with patch layout)

-E. Herzog (your Stu is going to be freaking AWESOME! I have finally found the perfect turquoise to go with the koi fish. Thank goodness) your bags are both cut.

-T. Walsh (your bags are cut and ready to assemble)

-M. Stull (your Stu is cut and it is going to look great with the messenger strap) the clutch and zippy will be ready soon

-S. Anderson (Your MIL's Molly was shipped Friday I hope it makes it by the 7Th.) Your Stu and school backpack are both cut and ready to assemble

-N. Halladay (Your Stu and Clutch are cut and ready to assemble)

I also have several others in various stages of readiness. We are going on R&R back to the States in late July to late August, and I want all those bags over there to be in your hot little hands before I get on the plane to go to Scotland. That is my plan.

I do have 3 Hero quilts to make as well in the interim and a couple Hero bags. Gosh I have alot of work to do. But it is pleasant work to do and I love it.

Now, here is a preview of the Commission quilt I am working on for E. Hoover and her sisters. She sent me some pictures that were printed out on fabric and wanted them to be up in a tree...kinda like a family tree for their parents anniversary.

This is the sketch I drew out....I guess it goes to show how much time I spend using my sewing machine as a sketching tool, since my hand drawing has really deteriorated. But there you have it a rough draft.

These are going to be the fabrics I am going to use in the quilt. The top blue is one that I hand dyed myself, so it has a great handmade property to it. The second in the pile is one of my favorites...delicate flowers from Yuwa. It will give the grass a pop of color. the rest are solids and batiks. I want the focus of the quilt to be more on the photos than on an overwhelming pallet of wild fabric.

Here is it all laid out in the back yard with me standing on 2 lawn chairs above it. I wanted E. to have a feel for how it will look when it is all put together. I think it is going to be great....I have been working on it quite a bit this beautiful weekend.

Speaking of beautiful...I am not. I got bit on the side of my right eye by some sort of spider yesterday. My eye is all swollen almost closed and hurts to blink, but that is no big deal....what creeps my out is that I got bit while totally awake. What a bold arachnid, to just mosey across my face and bite my eye. I hope I mashed him. But I really don't know if I did or not. More of the joys of living in the middle of a quite hostile desert.

I also folded and put away MT. St Laundry since the carpet cleaning man will be coming over in the morning to shampoo all Sam's raunchy vomit that he decided to hurl all over the hallway and living room (Friday). Oh and one more thing then I will go...Yesterday we went to a yard sale and got a really fine coffee maker for $5 and about 20 VHS tapes for $4. I think we got the good deal on the tapes because we are one of 3 families in Australia with an NTSC player.

OK, that is it for now, I was going to announce the winners for the wallets on Wednesday, but I got busy and forgot. Sorry gals. I will announce the winners in my next posting.



Heavenly Blossom said...

Oh my! I love how that quilt is gonna look. That will be beautiful!

I hope your eye is ok! That would have had me panicked for awhile, lol. Hope it gets better soon.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Argh on the spider. My husband has spider issues. When I mentioned Australia to him his FIRST reaction was to mention the spider situation to me. I'd been wondering how they were over there.

Being as tall as he is, he manages to see more spiders lurking around than most - so he's extra sensitive.

I'm SOO sorry!

And for the vomit too.

T Walsh said...

Thanks for the update on my bags. I know we are going to LOVE them!! :o)

Lisa said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product of the family tree. :-)

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