Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elaine Wallet Winners and some much needed rain

Do you ever wake up suddenly knowing something is off? Something is just wrong? But not immediately sure what it is? I did that this morning. I began with my deep it one of the kiddos? Does someone need me? Is it Stu? Has an Aborigine broken in the house looking for spare change and beer? It must have been the smell that alerted me....I inhaled deeply....yep something definitely not right. Instead of the pungent odor of filthy body and alcohol fumes (that is what I would expect to smell if it was one of the local Aborigines) I was overwhelmed with the wonderful aroma of damp eucalyptus...and as I listened closer I could hear the pitter patter of rain drops. Ahhh it was raining. No big deal for lots of you, but I don't remember when the last time I head rain was....I do know it was for about 6 minutes about 9 months ago as I was hustling the kiddos outside to stand in the shower from heaven. Despite it being 0430, I hopped up from my nest of quilts and down pillows, opened all the windows as I went through the house and made myself a little pot of tea. Typically I would have just tried to snuggle in closer to my husband, but he was already at work for some insanely early morning meeting. I curled up on the couch with my latest shameful pleasure (it really is embarrassing that I like these books so much, but my hero is my Ranger....and I haven't found any smut novels about Rangers, so I happily settle for some SEAL smut. And all Suzanne Brockmann's books have some good plots and some WW2 bylines. For those of you who are Camp Followers....try to ignore some of the horribly inaccurate military things and the characters really stupid nicknames. "Wildcard" yeah.....really?).

After my 4Th tea refill I decided to go ahead and select my Elaine Wallet Winners.

So here you ladies are.....I will try to send you an email to let you know and so you can give me your address if I don't already have it.

1) Dyna
2)Heavenly Blossom
3) Heatherg
4) Anderson Zoo Keeper
5) Shely W

Thanks for your comments ladies! I will have another give away someday soon.

Here is my little Emma. She went to her second sleepover last night. It was a dress up Movie Star theme, so we decided on this dress. My mom made it for me about 25 years ago (that is a quarter of a for a wedding in which my sisters and I were flower girls. My mom made 3 of these dresses. Holy cow! What a ton of work. I stick to bags and clothing doesn't turn out so great. I curled Emma's hair and watched her swish around, remembering how I used to do that as well. Thanks so much for sending the dresses, mom! We love them!

This is the quilt top all finished. I am quilting it right now....It is looking so wonderful. This is the second quilt I have drawn out and planned...normally my planning just gets as far as a vision in my mind, but since this was a commission piece, I decided E and her sisters needed a bit more planning. So far it is turning out just like me sketch. It is just like art class back in High school. But more fun.

Oh and this is my Ethan's monster. He has been asking me to make one since I first got the CRAFT magazine with the monsters on the front. Finally I broke down and made him one. It is pitiful, you know? I sew constantly. My sewing machine is almost always on, and there is always something wonderful on the table in some stage of glorious production, but almost never are the things for my family. I need to change that. My kiddos are the most gracious and easy to please of my fans. Ethan has carried this monster around since I finished it. He just loves it. I know, because he said so and he caught it it's own lizard. That is the ultimate compliment. Everyone needs a lizard to love.

Alright, back to the sewing machine for me! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to the Queen! I hope it rains all day! If only I could capture the scent of the rain here in the middle of Australia. I wish I could send you all a bottle!




Heavenly Blossom said...

The quilt is beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product. How excited the owners of that quilt will be!

I love Ethan's monster. Very cute. Good job mommy.

And I'm totally excited about the wallet! Thank you so much! I feel lucky to have been drawn :) I never win anything, haha

Dayna said...

take time for the kids. They don't stay small for long and you'll wonder when you turn around and they are dating (yes....with members of the opposite sex) and asking for the car keys where all the years in between went.
Oh how I remember when it rained down there. Every creature great and small came out for a shower.

Anina said...

What a great post!
I remember the rain being like that in Africa. The smell of raindrops on dust was my favorite smell.

t walsh said...

Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. This quilt is beautiful!! I know the happy couple will LOVE it!! Hope it is still raining...enjoy!! :o)

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