Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great sewing days and a sale over in my Etsy

Hey there everyone,

I sure hope you are all doing well. It is nice and warm where most of you are, but here it is pretty chilly. There was frost in the yard this morning when I went out to photograph my little doll quilt for the swap (pictured below). The frozen crunch felt nice beneath my bare feet. I guess I should go find a juicer for my lemons and grapefruit since they are supposed to be harvested after the first frost....well at least that is what I was told.

This is the Stull set. I am working on another quite similar, but in DCU with the Ohio Sky pallet of Midwest Modern. I am so in love with it. I just am crazy for the wallet and clutch. the clutch is so extensively quilted it is a tactile delight. I took the zippy wallet outside to work on yesterday while the kids played. It was such a lovely day...only about 70F and not a cloud int he sky. I have never seen sky so blue as here in the Australian outback. Texas had nothing on Australia. So as I sat and listened to the kids play "fairy and the hunters" I made little French knots and sewed on army buttons. It turned out so lovely. Someday I am going to make one for myself...

This is my finished Doll Quilt for the 4th swap. See it has army buttons too....I just wanted to sit outside yesterday and my smut novel is pretty lame at the moment. It is one of Johanna Lindsey's earlier books and the heroine as too stupid for my taste and the dude is pretty much a whiny baby too. But I am almost half way finished, so I can't quit now! Instead of reading I sewed on buttons and made French knots. Good way to spend the afternoon.

Second to last thing...I put my bags on "sale" over on my Etsy shop. I just wanted to sell them before we leave for our round the world adventure. I think we are going to stop and see some great friends in I have vintage linens on my mind. Not that I need any more textiles in my home, but when you have an addiction such as I do, one must be prepared!

Last thing, I am on my way out the door to cheer my mate and his troops on in the Camel Cup. I dropped him off a while ago so he can learn to make the camels drop to their knees. Camels are pretty strange critters, but there are some good looking ones out there. I just hope he doesn't kill himself. Wouldn't that stink? Camels are no where near as comfortable to ride as horses. Something strange about their gait.

OK, cheers ladies!


Heavenly Blossom said...

Ooooooh my how I love that clutch! So gorgeous Tia! And that doll quilt is the cutest one I've ever seen :) You're my hero, lol.

bettyninja said...

Great post and wonderful sewing! The apple bag is amazing. Did you hand paint that or was that a fabric you picked up?

The dollu quilt is super cute- amazing work as always

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