Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am sick

You know, there was a time in my life I could say that I never got sick. I just didn't. I was as healthy as a horse. But, I must now admit that that is something of the distant past. Ever since moving down here to the middle of Australia, I have never been ill as often as I am here. Shortly after we got here I caught some mysterious virus that caused the lining of my heart to swell. I am sure you can imagine my terror as I was sitting sewing and experienced not one heart attack, but like 5 in a row. For Pete's sake! I was only 31, and in pretty good shape. Well, after much deliberation with the cardio specialist at the Alice Springs hospital, he decided it was just a virus. Oh...OK. Does it have a name? Nope, but you will probably have flare ups from time to time. Oh great. Well, as long as it is not worms gnawing away at my left ventricle, I guess I am good to hook, right?

My latest bout with the grimm reaper has either been strep throat or a flu. My Emma brought it home to me. Ethan, Sam and I quickly caught it and I think it is beginning to reproduce in my husband's bloodstream. I am a horrible patient. I figure if I am awake, there are things to be done! By Golly! So I started off my day this morning with just that mindset. I got my little cup of coffee and stood in the middle of my studio, finding my peace, when I passed out. Yay me. Apparently I had a fairly high fever, so I got up, blotted up the coffee and went back to bed. I did finish the Gimenez set later in the day....but for most of the day I just tired to read a trashy romance novel and just ended up reading the same line about 200 times.

I do want to give a some happy thanks to Leah over at Hyena in petticoats. I saw her tutorial for this Cathedral Window quilt and just had to try it. My friend Tambur and Ondrea were working on one here, but I just couldn't figure it out. Looked so insanely complicated. Well, this tutorial made it so clear! I put a tiny 2" of cotton batting behind each colored diamond since when this quilt is finished it is going to be a baby gift for a dear friend.

Since I clearly need more Vitamin C in my diet, Emma and I went over to the empty house down the street and picked a bunch of Grapefruit. These are so nice. They are pink grapefruit and are so juicy and sweet. Some friends moved back to the States and left us their juicer. I cut the fruit and Emma and Ethan take turns juicing them. Then we drink it all up. Good times. As a side note....I really hate the membrane of grapefruit. It is nasty bitter, so if I am going to eat grapefruit I peel it like an orange and separate the flesh from the membranes. I don't know why I am sharing that, but there you go.

I finished this set. I did some hand stitching on the flower while laying in bed this afternoon. Ok...go look at the tutorial on the Cathedral Window quilt, and have a great day. We leave for our R&R on the 12th of August. I think I am going to be able to make all my bags on my list by then! Yay!

The Theraflu is kicking in....good night.


Hillary said...

Oh no! Passing out in your studio is NOT a good thing. I hope you're feeling better soon.

As for the grapefruit...I eat it that way too. It's so much better and completely worth all the effort to eat it!

Now I'm off to check out this quilt link!

Anina said...

Gee, I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is NOT fun.
Thanks for sharing the link for the tutorial. One of these days I'm making one of those.

wholesomemama said...

Yikes, I've never passed out, scary. I hope you feel better you bizzy bee! Nice job on the cathedral quilt, and that's a really lovely bag!

wholesomemama said...

oh, I forgot to say, I eat my grapefruit the same way! LOL

Rebecca said...

hope you feel better soon. thanks for the link to cathedral window tutorial. that quilt pattern's been on my mind for some time and i'd love to have a clue how to execute one.

Lurline's Place said...

Hi Tia,
Sorry to read you have not been well!
This is a strange way to introduce myself - you see, you are my receiver in the Dolly Quilt Swap, so I know you and you don't know me.
I am Lurline and live just south of Perth in West Australia. Your dolly quilt is ready and has been on my blog - however, I have some exciting news for you as one of our Australian magazines is seeking out original "bagmakers".
I would like to pass your details along, but would prefer to have your permission.
Would really appreciate your contacting me as soon as possible as I know you are off on leave soon.
Hope to hear from you VERY soon - hope you are feeling a little better!
Quilty hugs - Lurline.

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