Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am feeling better.

OK, after about a week of feeling like some terrible being ripped my throat inside out and used it on a cheese grater, I feel better. It could be due to some of the pictures below....but is probably due to the fact that I went to see the doctor and he gave me a whole slew of potions including antibiotics, decongestants, and narcotics. I have never take narcs, there is alot to be said to codeine. I feel all better, I must have really been pitiful. Ahh, I don't care. I am almost back to my fighting strength!

You wold think I would hold off buying any more of these Japanese sewing books until I picked up some Japanese, right? Well, wrong. I saw a pretty cool tutorial over on the Purl Bee about how to decipher Japanese patterns, so now nothing can stop me! HAHAHAHAHAHa Well, that is what I thought until I opened the book and saw that this one put the other books to shame. It is so horrendously complicated, but maybe I am just too stoned (I do have the doctor's permission to take codeine cough syrup at night) to understand what I am seeing. And it is in Japanese after all. I really am going to figure it all out one of these days. I just love the simplicity of the patterns...well apparent simplicity.

Oh and the cosmetics. I am a cosmetic whore. Not really makeup, but I really love creams and moisturizers. Anyway, I have tired tons and tons of products over the years and have had my favorites, but this Nurimin RE9 set from Arbonne is great...really. My poor skin is so damaged, but I thought they wouldn't send to APOs, well they do! Hot dog! My skin is so happy again.

This is one of my latest bags....oh my goodness. I am really feeling like keeping this one. The fabric is from my Amy Butler Vault, but it is going to a great lady. I get to meet some pretty awesome army wives in this little sewing gig of mine and this lady takes the cake. She is a friend of friend and I call her my friend now too.

This lovely fabric is on it's way to me too! All the way from Japan! Shannon of Tokyo Mommy Fabric and Craft Supplies went on the hunt just for me. I wanted Japanese fabric with text on it. And boy did she deliver! I love it! Now I really am on a fabric diet. But in case you are curious I will be getting some of Heather Ross's Mendicino and Amy Butler's August Fields. (sorry about that hyperlink...Amy doesn't have this collection up on her website yet) Yumm. But I think that is the last of it. Heather Baliey is really tempting me, but I will go to a real fabric shop and look at that when I go back to the States! Just about 2 more weeks and I will be flopped on the beach in Hawaii with a good book or making sand castles....or hopefully getting rained on! We are going to Scotland too....I should get some rain there, right?

OK, Off to pick up kiddos from school!



The Army of Four said...

That Japanese fab with the writing on it is killer! I love the one in the top right corner! Yellow? Green? Guide Dog for the Color Blind is snoozing....
It's GREAT, though! Bold and fun.
Glad you're feeling better!

Rebecca said...

glad you're better, love that Japanese fabric with text on it! can't wait to see what you have in mind for it.

Heavenly Blossom said...

I had seen that over on the Purl Bee also, and am tempted to grab up some japanese crafty books! You'll have to blog about how you get on with the one you have, once you are drug free, lol.

That fabric is awesome btw!!! Very neat.

Enjoy your vacay! You're going to LOVE Scotland!

Anonymous said...

Tia thank you so much! I really admire your work and am thrilled to be your friend.

I was surprised to see the Arbonne bit in your post too my neighbor works for them so I just ordered a bunch to try it out so far I love it.

Anyway have a blast in Scotland!


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