Friday, July 18, 2008

Something I never thought I would have to discuss with my little Princess

Hi Y'all,

Wow, has there been a ton going on this month. Gosh. Excursions to ancient valleys, watching husbands race camels, and so much sewing! I don't think we have eaten at the dining room table in about a month since I have so much bag guts stacked in neat organized heaps. But that is about to change! I think I am going to meet my self-imposed deadline of getting all my bags out before we jaunt off to see the world. I can't wait to return to an empty table and 2 empty closets. Ahhhhh. Then I will have to open back up and have you send me all your stuff and get all backed up again. Well, actually I am not planning on getting backed up again. I REALLY am going to take even fewer orders and see if I can whittle my turn around down to something more reasonable than the, what is it now? about 5 months? One of the sets on the table right now is quite the record breaker for me. But I am doing a completely custom bag for her, so that does add some more time onto the whole deal. I was reading my website the other day and almost choked on my tea. It says somewhere that my goal is 3 weeks turn around! Holy cow! Was I drunk when I wrote that? It has NEVER been 3 weeks. I need to change that. Personally I think the wait is worth it...but I am totally bias. As a matter of fact, I am now carrying the "Busy Tree Messenger bag" I decided that I needed it. I love it. If you decided that you need one to, let me know and I will make you one like September when I get back.

Look at all these wallets! I love it when I get a small stack of my sewing. I just feel so darn productive! The mail has been running funny down here, so I have had more than my share of bags sitting in the studio, and I almost felt like a real designer. All my lovely little projects sitting all tidy on my shelves. Kinda made me want to try to make a backlog of bags just to sit around and inspire me. I have made a TON of bags over the last 2 years. It amazes me when I look back through my Flickr Gallery for a picture of one bag to send someone. Good thing I am doing something I LOVE. I do so LOVE sewing for you all. Thank you so much for letting me have the honor of making something special for you. Something to celebrate the love you have for your men or something special just for you.

OK, before I get all sappy let me tell you a story about my little Emma. Erica and Amy (since I now know you read this...HI) and I went to the big park yesterday after school with all our kiddos. Erica, Amy and I were all set up enjoying the day watching the kids play. Sam (my 3 year old) was all furious because I woke him up from his nap and just freaking out, so my attention was pretty much on him. We had been there about 30 minutes when Emma (my 6.5 year old daughter) came stomping up to us. She was so angry she would have had smoke coming out of her ears if she was a cartoon character. Now, for the record, she is a very passionate little girl. Her emotions are strong. She announced that she got in a fight with 3 Aborigine big girls. They had been making fun of her singing and she told them that she would fight them. Wow, we gotta look at snaggly toothed 6 year old verses 3 aborigine teenagers? Yeah, not going to be good. Needless to say one took her up on the offer and after hitting her with a bag and smacking her in the face, Emma admitted defeat and came storming back up to momma. It took us a while to get the whole story out of her, but we had a talk about lady-like behaviour and just staying away from bigger Aborigine girls. I never thought I would have to tell my little princess not to fight! For heavens sake. I don't fight!

***OK, for those of you who are new to my blog, I live in the middle of Australia and there are "heaps" of Aborigines in town who have been kicked out of their various tribes and camps for being trouble makers or just too drunk and strung out. I am not a big fat raciest, I was shocked as any sheltered, American Army wife would be upon first arriving here. The Aborigines in town are a rough lot. Someday I will do a blog on just them, but this should be a happy place:O)

Well, Emma is fine and a bit more humble. Part of me wants to go hunt those girls down and go all "tomb raider" on them....but it just wouldn't do for the US Army detachment commander's wife to get kicked out of Australia for fighting, now would it? I just need to keep my little goslings tucked closer under my wings.

OK, I am going back to the sewing table. I have some great things brewing over there! Oh and I should be getting my Garden Party from Anna Maria Horner soon. If you are one of the gals whose bags I have not quite started yet you can still change your mind about fabric. This is going to be a great collection! Also I will be getting some of Pop Garden by Heather Bailey. Amy Butler has another line coming out soon August Fields (the website is not cooperating, so the hyper link is not working either) It will be a more heavy weight line like Nigella.




Beth said...

You are one busy girl. I love the things you have been doing.
I feel bad for your poor baby girl. Good that she tried to stand up for herself. I think my girl (who will be 7 at the end of the month) would just run away crying. She didn't get that from me, I don't know when to back down. I don't hit but I stand my ground.

bettyninja said...

Wow what a crazy story. Poor thing to have that happen.

I am really intrigued by the new baby quilt top i saw of yours on flickr- looks like a real tough pattern, but very nive looking

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